5 Costumes We Are Hoping Not to See This Halloween

It’s almost the time of the year our wallets have all been dreading: Halloweekend! As financially struggling college students, the temptation is great to order 1-2 accessories on Amazon per costume and call it a day. However, there are plenty of easy ways to still be creative and original on a budget! While I definitely understand the struggle as much as the next girl, I’m sure we’re all sick of seeing the same costumes year after year. So, as Halloweekend approaches, here are some overdone costumes we are hoping not to see.

1. A Black Cat

While yes, this is probably the easiest imaginable costume on the planet, it has also been the most overdone since the beginning of time. While black cat ears can go for as little as $5.99 on Amazon, please do us all a favor and do not buy them this year.


2. An Angel

Another super simple costume that at its most basic level only requires buying one piece: a halo. “It’s so easy we can just wear white!!” --- yes, but it’s also extremely boring.


3.  Native American/Indian

Not only is this overdone, but it’s also cultural appropriation. People’s cultures and heritage are not costumes!! Please, please, please let’s stop this offensive trend this year.

4. An Alien

Although this one requires buying a little bit more, it still has become way too common in recent years. The metallic is definitely flattering and it’s always fun to cover yourself in glitter, but let’s strive for a little more originality this Halloween.

5. Sports Fan/Player

It’s obvious why this has become common - who doesn’t own at least one sports jersey? Whether it’s the Patriots, Red Sox, Bruins, or out-of-state teams, this costume is one of the fastest and easiest DIYs out there. But, that being said, it’s waaayyy too popular and absolutely no one will say “Great costume!”

Since many colleges celebrate Halloween 3, 4, or even 5 times during the week of the holiday, it’s understandable that it might be difficult to avoid each and every staple costume on this list. So, I’ll just challenge you to this: do everything in your imaginative/financial power to think of at least one original costume this year! Halloween’s more fun for everyone if costumes are interesting and creative. Let’s add some new ones into the mix and avoid going back to basics this season!