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5 Benefits of Transitioning from Newton to Lower

Last year I lived on Newton Campus. Yes, I know, the atrocity. Contrary to popular belief, I loved living in Cushing on Newton my freshman year but there are definitely perks to living on lower now.

1) No more bus rides

I’ve gained so much extra time in my day, including time to sleep, now that I don’t have to sprint to the Newter every morning just to get to class. My phone battery also thanks me now that I don’t have to track the bus.



2) Easier access to the Plex

I miss the simpleness of the Hut, but there are so many more options at the Plex. In addition to the plethora of machines, there are also a ton of really fun fitness classes that are free to students. Pro tip: don’t go in the afternoon due to crowds and the immense heat.



3) Lower Dining… Minus the Lines

Even though it doesn’t beat Stuart and Celly, Lower has so many more options. I am also able to get dinner with my friends that lived on Upper last year since neither of us wanted to shuttle over to one another. The lines, however, make me miss Stuart like crazy.




4) Most People lLve on Lower

Most sophomores, juniors and seniors live on Lower, which makes it the place to be. I love being able to live in close proximity i.e. the same campus to my other friends that don’t live in my quad.




5) Lower is closer to the T

Last year, if I wanted to go to into Boston, or even take the T for a couple of stops, I would have to schedule in another 30 minutes of travel time just to get to the T. Now, I can simply walk out of my building and walk 5 minutes to the B line, or take the Comm Ave bus to the Res stop.


Despite the benefits of living on lower, I miss the homey feeling of Newton. It will always have my heart. I miss the sense of community it provided and the feeling of going “home” at the end of the day helped my transition from life in high school to independence in college.

I loved Newton my freshman year but happy to be living in Walsh this year!


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