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4 Valentine’s Gift Ideas for Your Significant Other (Because You Forgot to Get One)

Well, you blew it. Valentine’s Day is in two days. TWO DAYS.

You haven’t made it down to Newbury Street to find a perfect gift for your significant other (even if you’re adamantly NOT DATING). You haven’t even thought about it.

You’re in a catch-22 here. You want to say something like, “Oh, sweetheart, I don’t need a special day to show you I love you, so I skipped the fuss this year,” but even if that’s your opinion (which is a totally valid one)…well, good luck, because now you’re a heartless jerk.

So, then you try getting a last minute gift, right? Swing by the supermarket, walk through the doors and…THEY ONLY HAVE OVER-THE-TOP PLUSH TEDDY BEARS. Which is just…no. You’re better off trying to play it like you don’t need material things to show your love? HA.

Here are some fun, gender-neutral ideas to thoughtfully surprise your loved one! (Note: they won’t arrive in time, so you best be showing them a picture and make up something about how it got lost in the mail room. Show them the order confirmation and try to backdate it or something…)

This made-to-order key chain offers a variety of colors and symbols to create a very personal gift for your S.O. The cutest part is the latitude and longitude stamp: find the coordinates of a place that is meaningful to both of you, and smile as your honey hangs the keys to their apartment (or heart?!) right next to this happy memory.

This personalized “wedding, anniversary, engagement” gift doesn’t need to be exclusively meant for married couples (so you can stop freaking out now…). Put your hometown on one side, your better half’s hometown on the other side, and look fondly upon the print when you hang it by their bed. (Also, congrats to Anna & David, you’re almost to three years!)

This hand-stamped keepsake is meant for the wallet carrier. Choose your message, typeface, and metal (check the other items in the store to change metals) and give your significant other something they can carry around with them (because giving them your school portrait might be a little much).

For the athletically-minded couples, or even just the ones who want to have colors thrown at them and take sweet Instagram pics, consider buying two entries into a race (distance up to the buyer’s discretion) and get your sweetheart a new top or bottom from their favorite company to wear during it. You’ll have a great time running or walking or dancing together, and they’ll probably love their brand new digs.

(If my boyfriend is reading this: one, you’re the worst, because I just revealed all your presents, and two, I’d like to run a 10K and I’m a size 4/6 in lululemon…)

Enjoy Valentine’s Day with your significant other, try not to make them mad at you, and be sure to get shopping. Only two days left! 

Meaghan Leahy is a 21-year-old native New Yorker and senior at Boston College, whose hips only sometimes lie. When she's not wishing she were as honest as Shakira, she can be found running, Band-ing, or public speaking; in addition to writing for HC BC, she is a member of the Screaming Eagles Marching Band, Word of Mouth, and loves a good lap (or two, or five) around the Res. Meg is passionate about running and fitness, is a trained lifeguard, and works at the campus gym Equipment Desk. A highlight of her Boston College career thus far was being a TA for Intro to Feminisms. She has interned at both Anthropologie and the Supreme Court in Brooklyn, New York, so even though she is pursuing a Communication and English double major with a Women's and Gender studies minor, she is still trying to map it all out. She really, really hopes to graduate with a real job and everything. Please hire her, despite her severe Diet Coke addiction. Her redeeming skills and qualifications can be found on her LinkedIn account.
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