4 Hacks to Get Boston College students through the end of the Semester

So, you wanna know some BC hacks before the semester is over? Here are five to get you through the end of the semester!

1. The Maloney Elevator

Do you ever notice that people run past you waiting for 1 of the 3 elevators in Maloney to then disappear behind the wall? Well, the opposite side of the wall opens the door to the opposite side of one of the elevators! You may end up in an elevator with 2 people or you may find a dozen people waiting to enter the back entrance, either way, now you know!


2. The Lunchtime Rush

So, you want to go to Eagle’s Nest at 1 PM on a Wednesday? Try again!

When everyone rushes out of class at 12:50 PM to run to their nearest dining hall, try scouting out a table and waiting for at least fifteen minutes to avoid extremely long lines. Your Tuscan Chicken can be a much shorter wait away with a teensy bit of patience.


3. Study Spaces→ There’s more besides O’Neill & Bapst

You may be unaware of the numerous study spaces BC has to offer. The McMullen Museum is a great study space for those who need to get away from campus, without having to go too far. 2150 Commonwealth has many study lounges throughout the building with a great view and good lighting. Hillside and The Chocolate Bar are great places to study and grab a coffee, but during after hours, they are open for students to work.


4. Leaving campus = Clarity

Often when we are stressed and overwhelmed, the best thing to do is to take care of yourself. For many, this may mean to get away from the stress. It’s not healthy, nor productive, to study for hours at a time without a break. Feel free during your studying for finals to take a break and if needed to leave campus and go for a walk to clear your mind. Leaving campus is as simple as leaving the gates of Boston College and taking a walk to Cleveland Circle or going to the Reservoir.


I hope these four hacks will help you get through the roughest part of the semester. While the end of the semester is quickly approaching, these four hacks will help you survive the most stressful time of the year.