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30 Things to Look Forward to This Summer when You’re Stressed for Finals

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at BC chapter.

As summer approaches, here are 30 things to look forward to so that you can get through finals!

1.     The smell of freshly cut grass

2.     Outdoor malls

3.     Summer thunderstorms

4.     Fireworks

5.     Margaritas

6.     Tanning by the pool

7.     Bonfires

8.     Sleeping outside

9.     Sundresses

10.  Watermelon

11.  The sound of waves

12.  Cute kids holding lemonade stands

13.  Swap meets

14.  Wearing a baggy T-shirt without pants and being able to claim it’s a “cover-up”

15.  The smell of chlorine

16.  Afternoon naps

17.  BBQs

18.  The calming sound of air conditioning

19.  Fourth of July parties

20.  Bike rides

21.  Driving down the coast

22.  Late nights and late mornings

23.  Fro-yo

24.  Movie nights outside

25.  No-bra outfits

26.  Tan lines

27.  All-day-in-your-PJs days

28.  Loud music

29.  Dewy grass

30.  Dogs being walked EVERYWHERE