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18 Things Only BC Students Will Understand

At BC, there is a lot of diversity on campus. But, are we really all that different? When it comes to the “BC Bubble,” there are a few things we can all understand. Whether you are a freshman or a senior, chances are high you know exactly what we are talking about when we mention the following:

Mac and Cheese Day

The Upper and Newton battle (we all know Upper is better)

BC Housing Lottery


When you leave your laptop for just a minute in the library, and when you come back, you have that little white sheet of paper

Jesus, instead of clocks, in the classroom

“Do you want to go to White Mountain?”

When people confuse BC and BU 

The “10 year” plan

The B Line

“Who do you know here?”


The Million Dollar Stairs


When the Housing Gods are against you


But, when the Housing Gods are on your side…


Trying to pull yourself together during finals week…


After getting an A 




The Common Core




So while BC may pride itself on diversity, we can all together appreciate these stereotypical BC- isms. 

Alana is currently a junior at Boston College studying Communications and marketing. She is the Publicity director and events coordinator for Her Campus BC as well as being a part of the editorial team. 
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