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100 Days of Happy

The first thing we do when we wake up is check social media. But how many of us can say we’ve started using social media to determine how happy we are?

The #100HappyDays Foundation is a non-profit foundation on a mission to bring more happy to the world. It was started by Dmitry Golubnichy in 2013 when he tried to retake control of his happiness. He, like many of us and millions of people in the world, believed his happiness came from being on a successful career path, having a beautiful family, and a large apartment. His happiness was in the control of how many countries he’d managed to visit, and whether there would be enough snow to ski in the Swiss Alps.  

So he decided to take back his happiness and stop taking the little things for granted – and accidentally helped the whole world!

The idea is that you post one picture a day, to any social media platform you choose, with the hashtag #100happydays. Notice one little thing that makes you happy, upload it, and share your happiness; it’s that simple! Most people “don’t have time for it” but, let’s face it, if your fingers can work Instagram as fast as they can tap out a text to a friend, it’s not going to take up any of your time. 71% of people who being the challenge don’t finish, mostly because of “time constraints.”

I started the challenge about a week ago, and it doesn’t take long, and it’s really forced me to take stock of the little things in life I take for granted. At first, I understood why people don’t finish – they feel like they have to get the ‘artsy’ shot of whatever makes them happy. I mean, if it’s not Insta-worthy, why bother, right? I was definitely the same way starting out, even though the foundation’s website clearly says not to turn the challenge into a happiness competition (really, why would anyone do that? What’s the point in saying “Look, I’m more happy than you?”) and not to use it to show off. And, while I wasn’t doing that, I still felt like I had to post Instagram-worthy pictures. Just yesterday, when I posted my day 5, I posted a Gassongram (since Gasson makes everyone happy), and at first, felt that it was subpar. But as soon as I posted it, I realized it really doesn’t matter if people like this, what matters is, my love for my school makes me happy, and I wanted to share that. I can’t wait to complete the challenge, and hopefully encourage you all to join as well!

If you’re interested, visit 100happydays.com, read through their Mission Statement a little bit, and take the challenge! It really is that easy, and I guarantee you’ll have fun doing it. In the meantime, feel free to follow my challenge on Instagram @lovealwayslizzie!

I can’t wait to spread some happy with all of you!


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