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10 Ways to Dress for Boston Weather

If you’re a student at Boston College or any other school in Massachusetts, you’ve likely heard the jokes about the weather: “Welcome to Massachusetts, where the weather is made up and seasons don’t matter.” Or perhaps, “If you don’t like the weather in Boston, just wait a minute.”

Now that we’re in the late summer season, the alternating days of 60° and 80° weather makes it more than a little difficult to dress properly for the day. You wake up to a cold dorm and toss on a sweater and head to your 9 am class just to walk out an hour or two later and see everyone else in a t-shirt and shorts.

So how do you avoid having to run back and forth to your dorm throughout the day as the weather progresses? Here are ten outfit hacks to smoothly transition through your day with style.

#1 – Cardigans

Dress for a hot day and then wrap yourself in a cozy cardigan to keep yourself warm while you wait for the sun to come out and shine. After it does, you can either tie it around your shoulders, your waist, or just toss it in your bag and forget about it!

#2 – Scarves

Scarves are wonderful because they’re so compact. You can un-scrunch them and wrap the fabric around yourself to keep warm in the chilly mornings and then easily minimize them again by loosely wrapping it around your neck for practically no weight at all. It beats lugging around a sweatshirt with you any day of the week.

#3 – Straight-Cut Jeans

Yes, we know jeggings are all the rage right now, but the secret of straight cut jeans? You can roll them up at the bottom. Wear them down when it’s a bit chilly out and then later in the day, cuff them for a cute summery look.

#4 – Rolled Up Shorts

Similar to the cuffed jeans trick, try rolled up shorts. Shorts come in all different lengths and I usually like to get some that are on the longer side. They easily roll up the be the same length as most short shorts, but when it’s a little cold out, you can simply roll them back down a little for some added coverage.

#5 – Crop Top Over Another Shirt

No need to pack away your summer crop tops just yet! Try upcycling their look by layering one on top of another shirt. This is great for days with really cold mornings and hot afternoons because once the sun starts to beam down on you, it’s easy to pop into a bathroom really quickly and take off the shirt underneath to rock that summer crop top style!

#6 – Tights

Instantly convert any and all spring dresses and skirts into autumn-wear with the simple addition of tights. Depending on the temperature, you can choose anything from sheer to thick stockings and you’ll be certain to keep warm. The best part? If you get hot at any part of the day, you can easily slip these bad boys off, toss them in your bag, and show off those sexy legs of yours!

#7 – Flannels

I am notorious for stealing my sister’s flannels. Maybe it’s just how often she wears them, but they’re always so much softer than mine. Regardless, shrugging on a loose flannel over a tank top or patterned blouse is a sure way to protect yourself from those brisk morning winds. Pair a pattern with a solid in the accent color for maximum style!

#8 – Oversized Sweaters with a Tank Top Underneath

Nothing quite says cozy like an oversized sweater. Unfortunately, on warmer days, that becomes synonymous with “a prison of your own sweat because this damn thing doesn’t breathe!” Prepare yourself for the inevitable overheating by wearing a tank top underneath so you can liberate yourself from the slow cooker once it’s not quite sweater-weather anymore.

#9 – Light Flowy Shawl

Like a scarf but with sleeves, light and flowy shawls are wonderful for coverage without insulation. They’re breathable and flow in the breeze, but also stave off those goosebumps in the chilly air during the early morning or late evening.

#10 – Denim Jackets

Finally, the denim jacket is a classic that never seems to go out of style. Perhaps because they go with any outfit and are thick enough to keep you warm and protect you from the elements, this item is a must-have. The next time you can’t seem to find anything else to layer on top of your outfit, reach for you good old jean jacket!

And there you have it! Ten ways to make your outfit flexible enough to handle the daily ever-changing weather of Boston without running back and forth to your dorm all the time. Let us know which tips work best for you or if you have any more ideas in the comments below!















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