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10 Vines We Will Never Forget

Recently, the news that Twitter will be shutting down the 2014 fad app, Vine, struck the media. With other more popular apps, such as Instagram, Twitter realized that it is wasting money on Vine. I have always loved watching these hilarious six-second videos, even when the app went out of style. The world may have moved on, but these Vines will live forever:

*Disclaimer: this was one of the hardest tasks to only choose 10.


  1. The puppy who overcomes his fear of lava to get to his human.


2.  The infamous “who is she” vine.



3. The ingenious and hilarious stunt pulled in class.


4. The dynamic duo of Trench and Maple.


5. The guy who is really feeling his music.


6. The army of ducks.


7. The little girl that confuses a flock of birds for chickens.


8. The little boy that thinks that Lesbian is a nationality.


9. The sad end to a great beginning.


10. The rare ghost sighting.


Also, anything by Nick Colletti is my favorite. The app may be going, but the short videos that bring us so much joy will live on forever.











www.youtube.com/watch?v=RUTyw9tIc-M www.youtube.com/watch?v=eas6ZMTsIuU



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