10 Things You Learn From Growing Up With Brothers

If you’re like me, then you had the pleasure of growing up with not one, but two older brothers. While my brothers did cry when my parents told them they were having a girl (thanks guys), you learn a lot when you’re the only sister. Here are some things I learned by living with older brothers. 

1. How To Punch

It is key for survival, especially when you are deciding who gets the remote.

2. How To Trade Yugioh Cards

Because chances are they took all the heads off your Barbie dolls anyway.

3. How To Fake Cry 

If we’re being honest, watching them get screamed at by your mom is the sweetest revenge.

4. How To Like Sports

Hannah Montana was never an option when a game was on.

5. How To Deal With Smells

Bottom line, all boys smell. Sorry not sorry!

6. How To Eat

By that, I mean not just a little, but a lot!

7. How to Not Have Feelings

You mean, emotions? What are those? 

8. How To Get a Little Bit Rowdy With Your Siblings

Because talking it out never seems to resolve anything, especially when you're dealing with your brothers. 

9. How to Joke Around

Gross humor is the best kind of humor.

10. How To Be a Good Loser

You can’t win at anything because in what world does the younger sister win?

At the end of the day, it’s worth it being the little sister. Bruises and all. Thanks bros, for all the lessons!