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10 Stages of Waking Up for Class

We all know that having an 8 a.m. class is less than ideal. Here are the 10 stages of waking up for the class and getting there. For all of you that can relate to this, I’m sorry. I hope you never have such an early class again!

1. Denial

Alarm goes off. You think, “Did I really just hear my alarm go off or was thispart of my dream?!” You then open window and look outside and think to yourself, “ Why is the sun not up yet? It looks so cold.”

2. Anger

This is reality and you need to get up, whether you want to or not.

3. Getting Ready in a Dark Room

Ugh. You go to turn on your lights, but can’t because your roomie is sleeping.

4. Avoidance

You look at phone and die a little inside because it’s too bright and too early for words.

5. Pain

You are in pain because it literally hurts to get out of bed. You think, “When did the bed get so high off the ground?!”

6. Slow and Steady

You start to feel defeated and decide if you are going to get out of bed, then you are going to do it at a snail’s pace.

7. Moping

With it being so cold and dark outside, makes it difficult to function like a normal person, especially when you feel very tired. Anecdote: I personally cannot function or follow my morning routine at this hour.

8. Being Noisy 

At this time in the morning, it is hard not be loud. Sorry to all the roommates who are woken up by loud clashes – trust me, we aren’t trying to wake you up!

9. The Trek

Moving at a sloth’s pace, only means that you need to leave early to make it to class!

10. Made It

Thank goodness. You finally made it to your seat! However, beware of that wave of sleepiness that will hit you in 15 minutes – hope you stopped and got a coffee!












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