10 Secret Santa Gift Ideas Under $15

As we fly into the Holiday season, it seems like every club, friend group, and job you are a part of is doing a Secret Santa. Yet, often you don’t really know the person you are buying the gift for all that well. Here is a guide to some gifts under $15 that anyone would love, and that even might tempt you to keep them for yourself!

1. Fuzzy Socks or Slippers

Everyone can appreciate the warmth and coziness of holiday fuzzy socks. They are cute, functional, and cheap! Target and TJ Maxx have a huge collection for only $3.

2. Face Masks

As we approach finals, face masks provide the relaxation we all need in order to get through the next two weeks before we can finally embrace the Christmas spirit. You can find these at basically any drug store. Urban Outfitters also sells great ones by the registers.

3. Candles

You can never go wrong with Holiday scented candles. It will put anyone into the Christmas spirit and cozy up any room. TJ Maxx also has a great selection of cheap candles!

4. Journals

Not to expensive, but thoughtful and cute, a journal is the perfect gift. Everyone could use a journal for one thing or another, and there are so many kinds out there. Ex Libris Anonymous is an especially cool company that takes old picture books, binds them, and includes blank pages throughout the story to make an artistic journal for $14!

5. Lotion

Lotion is always a great gift, as it’s affordable and useful, especially as we go into the winter season. The small bottles are also perfect for keeping in purses and backpacks.

6. Succulents

Everyone knows succulents are the way to go plant-wise. They take little effort to keep alive and are so cute. They’re extremely popular now so you can find them at most nurseries. You can even buy them on Amazon Prime.

7. Books-- Year of Yes and You Are a Badass

For those who read, or for those who don’t, these books are perfect for anyone. They are inspirational, funny, and so, so entertaining. They are cute gifts that your person might not have thought to buy for themselves.

8. Gloves

As it gets colder and colder, gloves and mittens are always a go-to gift. They are cute, affordable, and useful. You could even try making a pair out of old sweaters!

9. PJ Shorts

No one can say no to a cute pair of Holiday PJ shorts. Primark and Target both sell very cute and affordable ones with penguins, presents, polar bears and more on them! Just make sure to get the size right or include the gift receipt.

10. Mugs

Mugs are always my go-to. Most stores have them at affordable prices (TJ Maxx, Target, Anthropology’s sale) and you can make your gift more personal depending on what is on the mug. They are also perfect holders for Holiday socks or any of the other gifts from above.

Happy shopping!