10 Love Lessons From Pretty Little Liars

What do you get when you put together four well-dressed high school girls who are determined to find out a dirty, little secret around a mysterious death with high school romance (and hot boys), a teacher-student love affair and the trials of love and deception? One of my favorite TV shows: Pretty Little Liars. Although BC does not have ABC Family, I always make time to get my weekly dose of drama from the ever-addicting PLL. This show has not only taught me that it is wise to keep your friends close and your enemies closer, but it has also taught me a few lessons on love that I think we can all benefit from as we think of relationships in our dramatic lives as young adults. 

1. Don’t get stuck in a bad relationship just for the sake of being in one.

2. Don’t begin dating someone with the intentions of changing that person inside and out. No one deserves that sort of treatment. 

3. Trust your instincts. Follow your heart.

4. Provide moral support and a shoulder to cry on when your girlfriend/boyfriend needs it most! 

5. Take a chance with an unexpected guy. 

6.  Be careful not to let love blind you!

BUT...Does she know who "A" is?!

7. Take the time to understand what is going on in each other’s lives. 

8. Don’t let others take advantage of you, it is not always the solution. 

If only Hanna's mom Rachel knew what she was getting into with Detective Wilden. 

9. Sometimes relationships take a bit of selflessness. 

10. No matter what, your girls will always have your back and love you no matter what.

So despite what some may call "mindless" TV, I would have to beg to differ. Pretty Little Liars is a show that will always keep you thinking not only about the complicated lives of the characters, but also about how you too can learn some tough life lessons...sometimes about love. 


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