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10 Easy Ways to: Meet New People

Do you ever wish you could have some new friends on campus? Not to say that you’re best girlfriends aren’t super fab, but who couldn’t use a new friend or two?

Whether you’re a freshman and still forming your friend circle or a senior who just needs some new options for lunch dates, we’ve got 10 surefire (well, nearly) ways to expand your friend group.

  1. Open your door.
    This isn’t just for freshmen! Of course, freshman year is a great time to keep those doors open and get to know the girls on your floor, but who says you can’t do this in years following? If you live off campus, I would not suggest leaving your door open. This may lead to new roommates (in the forms of squirrels and mice) and stolen laptops. However, you can still get to know your neighbors!

  2. Join clubs.
    Again, not just for freshmen. You might have signed up for a ton of things at the Student Involvement Fair, and now you’re getting all these emails (which by the way are making it way more difficult to sort through your inbox to find the Victoria Secret Semi Annual Sale emails…), but instead of deleting them, do something outrageous…

    Go to the meetings!

    Crazy, I know. But hey, sometimes the best answers are the most obvious. Getting involved on campus is a great way to meet people in different grades and majors and bond over something you have in common. Was that corny enough for you?

  3. Meet people in your class.
    Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday you sit in Public Speaking next to the same person. He/she gives a speech one day. You give a speech the next day. You both hate waking up for an 8 am. You’re both taking public speaking. Either you’re both communication majors, you have a fear of public speaking that you’re trying to overcome, or you took an 8 am class as an elective just for fun (not likely). Whatever the reason, you have at least a dozen conversation starters at your disposal.

    Strike up a convo with people around you. It’ll make class more enjoyable and you might end up finding a new BFF, or at least a study buddy.

  4. Be a social butterfly at the Flynn Recreation Complex.
    I feel bad for that Flynn man who donated all the money for our lovely gym to be built and no one even knows his name anymore. What a shame. But I digress.

    When you’re at the Plex don’t be afraid to go up to someone and comment on his or her shirt or the weather or anything! I’m sure they wouldn’t mind a little distraction. Especially not from a cute girl.

  5. Baked Goods*
    Give them away. For free. In public places.

    Guaranteed friends.

    *This also works with candy.

  6. Chat it up in the dining halls.
    The Rat (dining hall in the basement of Lyons) is an ideal dining area for meeting new people. Unlike Mac and Lower, people generally sit at tables with people they don’t know to get work done or grab a quick bite to eat. Perfect time to strike up a conversation and make a new friend in the process. I know this may sound awkward and you’ll feel like a freak for doing it, but no one is going to complain about someone being pleasant!

  7. Be a friendly fan at football games.
    What’s a better moment to make a friend than when you’re falling off bleachers, being tossed into the air (potentially kicking people in the process), and singing the Fight Song with a bunch of strangers?! Well, they don’t have to be strangers anymore! Strike up a conversation. Complain about how you’re hungry and tired and don’t feel like standing anymore. Brag that you have the best class slogan of all time (Many Hearts, One Tradition) or the worst (Ignite the Heights with Spirit and Truth). Long story short, talk to your bleacher buddies.

  8. Don’t BC Lookaway.
    If you’re thinking, “Knowledgeable Her Campus BC Writer, what is this BC Lookaway that you speak of?” I have your answer.

    You’re walking across campus. You see someone you know (from class, orientation, a party, etc). You prepare yourself to smile or say hello and this person turns her head away (pretending to look in her bag for something, becoming extremely interested in her phone all of a sudden… you get the picture).

    (Cue collective “OHHHH” of all the people who have experienced this and didn’t know it had a name.)

    Yes, we all know about it. And yes, we’ve all done it. Instead of being guilty of the BC Lookaway, smile at people and say hello! Even better, if you’re the victim of a Lookaway, SAY HELLO ANYWAYS.

  9. Facebook everyone.
    Just kidding. Well, kind of…

    Everyone has those FB friends who they aren’t really friends with anymore (or ever…). Maybe you had a class with them freshman year or perhaps they were in your orientation group. Either way, you were friendly enough with them at some point or another where you made the active decision to send or accept a friend request. Reconnect with these people. You probably have a lot of catching up to do.

  10. Be in the moment.
    I love my iPhone. No, really… I don’t think you get it. I LOVE my iPhone. It’s like my second hand. No, that was not a typo. I don’t mean it’s like my third hand. I mean I would sacrifice my left hand if it came down to a choice between it and my iPhone. Sorry I’m not sorry.

    Maybe you and your phone don’t have quite the bond that I do, but you’re probably guilty of texting or emailing while you’re walking. Maybe you check Facebook and Twitter while someone is talking to you.


    Be in the moment. Instead of being in your cyber world, be present in the situation you’re in. Emails, Sports Center updates, and yes, even Facebook stalking can wait until later. You’ll be surprised how many more people you’ll meet this way (and how many less times you’ll fall down the Million Dollar Stairs).

Implement one or all of these tips into your daily schedule and watch how many more people you end up meeting. Good Luck!

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