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10 Easy Ways to: Brighten Someone’s Day


So unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few weeks, you’ve probably read the new Boston College Confessions page once or twice.  While a lot of the confessions posted are light-hearted and funny, there are also a fair amount of posts expressing feelings of loss, depression, and loneliness.  With this in mind, sometimes all a person needs is for someone to reach out and perform a random act of kindness to lift their spirits.  Here are ten easy ways to brighten a Collegiette’s day!


1. Compliment a stranger

Whether you like her hairstyle or her shoes, make a point to tell the girl next to you in line at Hillside that you admire her style!  It’s one thing for a friend to tell you they like your outfit, but a stranger going out of their way to point out that you look great is a major confidence booster.


2. Offer to pay for someone’s meal

We’re getting to the end of the semester and meal plans are dwindling.  If you have a few extra dining bucks to spare, why not pay for the person behind you in line as well?


3. Leave a positive note for someone to find

If you’re headed to a cubicle in the library, chances are you’re looking to put your head down and get through a lot of work.  Next time you leave your study spot, leave behind a post-it note with a motivational message for the next person who sits there to find.


4. Blast happy music out of your dorm window

Who doesn’t love walking to class with an epic soundtrack playing in the background?  Craft a playlist with your roomie stocked with uplifting tracks from Coldplay, Katy Perry, and, of course, Macklemore.  Feel free to belt the lyrics and break out some goofy dance moves while people pass by for extra style points.


5. Don’t do the BC Look Away

Put your phone away, get your nose out of your book, and actually look at people as they pass you.  Whether you know every person you walk passed or not, smile at them!  Who knows, you may just catch the eye of a cute guy walking through the Quad.

6. Send someone a letter the old-fashioned way

Shooting someone a text or Facebook message takes little to no effort, but sending someone a handwritten note, addressed, stamped, and everything shows you went out of your way to let that person know you were thinking of them.  Whether it’s to your mom, your best friend from home, or your roommate, drop a letter in the mailbox.


7. Text your friends “Good Morning”

Girls talk about how they love waking up to “Good Morning” texts from their significant others, so why not show your girlfriends some love when you get up for class?


8. Genuinely ask someone how they’re doing

I think it’s safe to say that based on BC Confessions, we may not all know our friends as well as we thought.  If you have a friend who has seems particularly stressed out or distant, make a point to sit down and listen to them if they want to talk.


9.  Offer to run an errand for someone

It’s no secret that BC students are all extremely busy people.  If you have a less hectic week than one of your friends who has a million things on their to-do list, help them out.  Whether it’s running a load of laundry or making a trip to CVS, the smallest errand can be a huge help.


10. Post funny articles and videos on your Facebook or Twitter

In the little downtime that we do manage to find, reading an interesting news article from the day or watching a video of puppies doing something cute can bring a bit of sanity to your day.  Don’t forget to share Her Campus articles with your fellow Collegiettes!



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