Tips for Rushing During a Pandemic

     When the pandemic started, I, like many people, thought it would blow over and everything would be back to normal by the time fall came around. Now, I am signing up for my sorority's online Among Us game night and buying an Amazon ring light for virtual recruitment. If there is one thing 2020 has taught me, it's not to have any expectations for things outside of your control.

     Virtual recruitment is no way ideal. It is something that neither the current members in Greek life or the potential new members have done. Which is why I think it will be okay. We're all going to be in this new process together, figuring out how break out rooms work and having microphone problems alike. 

     You won't have to shout over the people next to you in the chapter rooms filled with hundreds of girls. There will be breaks for you to drink water and stretch instead of having to rush to the next room and wait for your name to be called by a Gamma Chi. You can fidget with a ring or bracelet if you're nervous and you can focus on your own feelings without having to hear the opinions of other freshmen in the hallways. These are all positives! 

      Here are a few tips for the person rushing during a pandemic:


Be Yourself

     This is easily the most important thing you can do during recruitment. One of the changes to recruitment this year, is all potential new members have to make a short introductory video. As a perfectionist, I cannot imagine how nerve racking this would be as I would probably always find something wrong with how I phrased a sentence or the way my hair was framing my face. It's okay to want things to be a certain way, but don't become stiff and dry in the process. Laugh at yourself a little and pretend you're talking to a friend to come across naturally on camera. 


Trust the Process

     Currently, not many people know what's going to happen with virtual recruitment. There's so many different plans for Bid Day whether that be small gatherings or fully online. If 2020 has taught me anything, it is that not everything goes according to plan and that is okay. Recruitment will happen one way or another and you will find where you belong in the Panhellenic community. Keep an open mind throughout and know you will find friends and sisters who will make your sorority home in every chapter.


Support Each Other

     Recruitment is not easy. You're talking for hours, seemingly about the same thing in every room and you're supposed to make a choice within less than a week. It can be nerve racking, but know that so many people have gone through the process and we are cheering for you to find your home. While you can talk to your friends about your experience, I wouldn't talk about chapters by name in case you had different experiences. Your choice should be yours alone and not influenced by another person's biased opinion. Your Gamma Chis are also there to listen and talk to you and they truly have your best interests in mind. 


Don't Forget to Rest

     At the end of each day of recruitment, you'll rank each chapter by which you would like to be invited back to as part of Panhellenic's mutual selection process. After you submit your choices, do not stress. Trust that you did everything you could and then stop thinking about recruitment. You'll have plenty of time to think about it tomorrow. Take the time to watch TikTok, bake, hydrate, or go on a walk. Take that quality time to yourself to relax, as well as eat and sleep too! The recruitment process will be a lot more fun and enjoyable if you rest. 


     Virtual recruitment is going to be a learning curve for everyone. There will be technical difficulties, but at the end of the week, you're going to be where you're supposed to be. Keep an open mind, be yourself, and have fun. We're all in this together!