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The Best Spooky Podcasts Hosted by Women

With the month of October approaching, it’s time to dust off our decorative skeletons and break out the pumpkin carving knives in preparation for the Halloween season. These six podcasts, hosted and created by women, will put you in a spooky mood perfect for the haunted holiday!

Most of us are familiar with the big names in horror podcasts, like “No Sleep Podcast” and “My Favorite Murder,” so this list highlights some lesser-known or independently produced podcasts hosted by women. Read until the end to learn about my favorite!

Warning: Because of the nature of the genre, horror podcasts can contain potentially triggering or heavy topics. Listener discretion is advised!

1.  Stories with Sapphire

“Now get cozy and open your mind, because it’s story time.”

Genre: Nonfiction personal stories

Host(s): Sapphire Sandalo

Release schedule: On hiatus

Average Episode Length: About 30 minutes

Stories with Sapphire is an independently produced paranormal podcast created by Filipino American Sapphire Sandalo. Created with the goal of integrating more culturally diverse stories into the paranormal and horror community, this podcast features both beautifully narrated stories from Sandalo and guests retelling their own supernatural experiences. With its high production quality and real-life stories, this podcast is sure to give you a scare!

This podcast is available on all podcast streaming platforms. Check out their website for more information!

Recommended episodes:

Season 1, Episode 1: Stories from my Lolo

Season 2, Episode 6: What Happens at Night

2. Toshiden: Exploring Japanese Urban Legends

“On this show we’ll be looking at different urban legends from Japan, how they came about and, when possible, the truth behind them.”

Genre: Nonfiction urban legends

Host(s): Tara A. Devlin

Release schedule: Biweekly

Average Episode Length: 15 minutes

An offshoot of Tara A. Devlin’s other podcast, “Kowabana: ‘True’ Japanese Scary Stories from Around the Internet,” Toshiden looks at urban legends from Japan, their origins and what truths they might hold. Originally from Australia, Devlin studied Japanese at university before living in Japan for ten years, where she cultivated her interest in the Japanese paranormal. Though more informative than horrifying, the short length of these episodes and Devlin’s eerie storytelling makes them perfect for a small spook!

This podcast is available on all streaming platforms. Check out their website for more information!

Recommended episodes:

Hanako-san of the Toilet

Tomino’s Hell, the Cursed Poem

3. Faculty of Horror

“Podcasting from the horrored halls of academia”

Genre: Horror film analysis

Host(s): Andrea Subissati and Alexandra West

Release schedule: Monthly

Average Episode Length: Over 1 hour

An independently produced Canadian podcast, “Faculty of Horror” features two academic hosts who take a critical analysis approach to the horror film genre. Friends Andrea Subissati and Alexandra West use their great rapport to produce insightful commentary on popular and lesser-known horror movies.  Though not necessarily scary, the deep discussions in this podcast are great for setting the tone for a creepy Halloween season.

This podcast is available on all streaming platforms. Check out their website for more information!

Recommended episodes:

Episode 16. Toil and Trouble: Witches in Film

Episode 98. House Warning: The Amityville Horror (1979) and Poltergeist (1982)

4. Nightlight

“A horror podcast featuring creepy tales written and performed by Black creatives all over the world.”

Genre: Fiction anthology

Host(s):  Tonia Ransom

Release schedule: Weekly

Average Episode Length: 35 minutes

This truly terrifying anthology series is hosted by Tonia Ransom and features stories from Black horror writers narrated by Black voice actors. Although it is an independently produced podcast, the sound engineering and audio effects are of professional quality and extremely effective. If you’re interested in a real fright, one of these amazingly creative stories are sure to serve!

This podcast is available on all streaming platforms. Check out their website for more information!

Recommended episodes:

117: At Night We’ll Feast Together by A.Z. Louise

413: Flash Fiction – “Appendages” & “Playthings”

5.      The Haunted Hour

“Broadcasting live from Lantern Community radio, this has been The Haunted Hour. Wish you were here.”

Genre: Fiction audio drama

Host(s): Elinor Bonifant  

Release schedule: Ended production

Average Episode Length: About 20 minutes

Based in the fictional town of Lantern, North Carolina, this fun and spooky audio drama follows best friends Peter and Sally throughout their monster-logging adventures and the interpersonal drama surrounding their encounters. Written and directed by Elinor Bonifant, this podcast was produced through Emerson College in North Carolina. The immersive audio engineering and talented voice actors work well together to produce a comedic story featuring cryptids, haunted places and mysteries!

This podcast is available on most streaming platforms. They don’t have a website, but you can follow them @thehauntedhour on most social media platforms!

Recommended episodes: Start from the beginning!

6. Let’s Get Haunted

“The only investigative journalistic podcast about sh*t that may or may not have even happened in the first place.”

Genre: Paranormal nonfiction

Host(s): Natalia Strawn and Alyssa Terry

Release schedule: Weekly

Average Episode Length: About an hour and a half

My personal favorite, “Let’s Get Haunted”, is a paranormal podcast that covers paranormal phenomena, conspiracy theories, cryptid stories and more! Hosts Nat and Aly take turns presenting a new story to the other each week, using their rapport and commentary to keep the conversation comedic and interesting. If you prefer informal, conversational podcasts that pair spookiness with comedy, then Let’s Get Haunted is for you!

This podcast is available on all streaming platforms. Check out their website for more information!

Recommended episodes:

Episode 56: The Paranormal Side of Sleep Paralysis: Night Hags & Sleep Demons

Episode 43: The Happy Valley Dream Survey & The Willamette Valley Dream Survey

Whatever your Halloween traditions are, this list of paranormal and horror podcasts are great for supporting women and getting spooked! Let us know which podcast was your favorite by leaving a comment on our social media! 

I am a senior Professional Writing and Rhetoric major with minors in English and Women's and Gender Studies. I'm passionate about women's issues, sustainability, and equality.
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