(Self) Love Languages: Treat Yourself This Valentine’s Day

     Happy Valentine’s Day! Love is in the air, everything is dipped in chocolate, and our “hopeless romantic” playlists are on repeat. Whether you’re snuggling up with your significant other or getting the girls together for a Galentine’s day bash, you’ve got love on the brain— so send a little to yourself, too! Give yourself permission to be your own Valentine. If you’re feeling stuck on ideas, tap into your love language for self-care that hits the spot. 


  • Words of affirmation: If you’ve got a thing for compliments and cute Pinterest quotes, chances are, you see love in sentences. Pull out your pen and write some positive “I am” statements in a journal or piece of paper. Create a collection of sticky notes with uplifting messages, then post them to your mirror to start your morning right. If you’d rather listen your way to self-love, do a guided meditation (Youtube has tons, and so do apps like Headspace and MyLife). Let the voice in your head speak to you with kindness!

  • Acts of service: If you’re a “show it, don’t say it” kind of gal, now’s the time to tidy up your physical and mental space. Don’t worry, this doesn’t mean a day of boring chores— instead, go for simple tasks that you can pair with other things you love. Put on your girl power playlist while tidying up your desk area. Wash your makeup brushes while binging Bridgerton. Bake up a batch of cookies (or just eat the dough— I won’t judge). The goal is to make sure your environment uplifts you instead of adding anxiety. 

  • Receiving gifts: If shopping sprees and unboxings boost your mood, don’t be afraid to treat yourself! Buy that pair of shoes or the eyeshadow palette that’s been sitting in your cart. Get the Venti today, not the Tall. Enjoy a box of Valentine’s chocolates without fighting for your favorite flavors. If you’re more of a DIY gifter, spend an afternoon making something for you— maybe a new painting to decorate your dorm with, or a mood board to keep your goals in sight. It’s never shallow to give yourself the time and tools you need to thrive. 

  • Quality time: If you feel fulfilled through one-on-one interaction (like me!), why not take yourself on a date? Clear a day, an afternoon, or even an hour for you and you alone. Take the time to try something new, like a yoga class or a Bob Ross painting party. Or stick with something you know you’ll love, like breakfast in bed or a stroll through the bookstore. Let yourself indulge without any guilt— you don’t have to validate a break from your busyness. 

  • Physical touch: If bear hugs and back massages are more your speed, a spa day might be just what the doctor ordered. Break out those face masks and foot scrubs you keep promising yourself you’ll use. Pour some bath salts in the tub or sing a little longer in the shower. Once you’re feeling fresh, keep pampering with a gentle self-massage— if you don’t have a facial roller, your hands will do the trick. Really take time with your skin, thanking your body for everything she does for you as you go. Then slip into your comfiest pair of pajamas, grab a stuffed animal (or ten), and snuggle up under your coziest blanket for a next-level Netflix marathon. 


     In between candy hearts and greeting cards, don’t forget to say “I love you” to the one who does the most for you— you! No one knows how to spoil you like you do, and time spent on self-care is never wasted. Let your love languages take the lead this Valentine’s Day— you deserve some TLC!