The Scarily Good Halloween Safety Tips

Halloween, a night of costumes, cauldrons and candy! While Halloween is a fun night to dress up and hit the town, you shouldn’t forget about safety. Not every ghost or ghoul is just a costume, and not everyone is offering tricks-or-treats (sometimes they’re just offering tricks).

In order to keep your Halloween frightfully fun and safe, follow these simply spooky tips and tricks!


If you’re going out, stay in groups! 

Even if it’s just groups of three, having other people with you, especially those you trust, ensures that if something bad happens to you someone will know. Stick to your group and don’t leave an event without every single member. 


Going out means traveling: Please be safe. 

Make sure you or your driver is competent and sober, and watch out for drunk drivers on the road, especially on a common partying night like Halloween!

If you use Uber or Lyft driving services, PLEASE check the license plate, and the driver themselves. My personal tip is asking the driver the name of who they’re picking up. Even if it takes a few extra seconds or this irritates the driver or your friends, it’s better to be safe than sorry. 

If walking is your main mode of transportation this Halloween, watch the roads and your feet! If you’ll be sporting a fabulous pair of heels this Hallows’ Eve, make sure the roads you take are smooth in order to prevent falling. Don’t take shortcuts that risk your safety.


Take an emergency kit

Speaking of heels, bring an emergency kit with supplies for your feet, costume, and other possible situations. You never know what will happen, and it’s good to be prepared, even with just a few basics. Some items I recommend are band-aids, safety pins, a pair of comfortable shoes, water, a flashlight and a portable charger. 


Watch what you put in your mouth

When you’re out at any Halloween event, or even just staying in, watch your drinks and candy! If your candy looks tampered with or is already opened, don’t take the risk. Always watch whatever you’re drinking, once you’ve set it down, it’s no longer safe to drink.




Overall, Halloween is a night of scares and screams, but it doesn’t have to be dangerous. Just make sure to prepare beforehand and be in a clear mindset in order to make your Halloween frighteningly fun!