Need Motivation? Follow These 5 Instagram Accounts

It’s almost the end of February and classes are officially in full swing. Exams, essays, and meetings are piling up and you’re probably feeling overwhelmed with the pressure to have it all together. I don’t know about you, but when I want to procrastinate the essay I need to finish, I’ll more than likely end up on Instagram. So, in the midst of the stress and chaos of life, here are some Instagram pages that will fill your feed with positive vibes and the motivation to keep going.

  1. If it’s hard for you to work through hard emotions, or you shut down during stressful periods of life, this Instagram page is the one for you. We're Not Really Strangers page posts are mainly about reflecting and personal encouragement. This account tends to play games all centered around the phrase “we’re not really strangers” in an effort to form personal connections with strangers in your everyday life. 

  2. I absolutely love this page because of how it focuses on loving yourself first in order to love others well. Let’s face it, self-love is hard. The majority of us struggle with loving ourselves first because it’s so easy to nitpick at everything we think is wrong with ourselves. What I like about this page is how it encompasses all the different aspects of self-love. While this page talks about body positivity it also ranges to other topics like loving yourself when you identify as another gender.

  3. Don’t we all want to be bad*ss lady bosses? This page helps you gain the confidence in yourself to start believing that you are a lady boss. Mindset of Greatness differs from many other accounts because it’s community-based and therefore encourages the people who follow the page on a deeper level. This account posts a daily journal that gives you inspiration to live out your day right and is a constant reminder for what we have to be thankful for.

  4. I love memorizing quotes because it allows you to carry a piece of the passion the speaker holds with you. This page has helped me memorize a couple quotes while simultaneously lifting me up when I’m overwhelmed with life. Positive Inspirational Quotes has a mission to make you smile and bring just a little more happiness into your everyday life. 

  5. My faith has always been a huge part of my life growing up and has shaped who I am today. Like most college students though, since moving to college, my faith has changed and transformed. Daily Bible Verses has helped with this transition by helping me stay connected to the word even if I don’t feel connected. For me, this account is one of the most important accounts I follow because it supports me both emotionally and spiritually.

These are obviously not all of the motivation accounts out there on Instagram, but these are the four that have helped me the most when I feel overwhelmed. I hope that some of these accounts help you in this time period of chaos and business too!