Local Waco Restaurants To Explore

Local Waco

    We’ve all seen the signs and advertisements for Magnolia but have the mom-and-pop shops seen as much attention or love? I dragged a few people around Waco, looking for the cutest and greatest best little shops and restaurants that are locally owned and operated. I picked three categories to test out and found some amazing places: Ethnic, All-American, and Bakery.

  1. Ethnic Restaurant 

Wako Roll - 2804 W Loop 340, Waco, TX 76711

If you love sushi and Asian cuisine, you’ll love Wako Roll. It was born in Waco and has been thriving. It’s a pretty small restaurant, but the spices more than makeup for it. You order at a table and they give you a MEGA sized drink for soda and you just wait a few minutes for your fresh meal. It has some cool menu items like octopus and is definitely a Waco must. I highly recommend the Baylor Roll. 


  1. All-American

Kim’s 50’s Diner - 2600 W Waco Dr, Waco, TX 76710

This is a blast from the past kind of place that takes you back to the 50s. There’s even a jukebox and a life-size doll of Elvis. I took my friend Abbey to this little hole-in-the-wall and we adored it. I ordered a Patty Melt with fries and, oh, sister, it was CHEESY. The booths and chairs are like something straight out of Grease, and I loved it.  Abbey and I got lucky that night because they were hosting a car show and had a variety of vintage cars to view. This diner was totally on-point with the aesthetic — it was like being in a movie. 



  1. Bakery

    Pie Peddlers Bakery - 300 S 6th St #104, Waco, TX 76701

Mini pies, whole pies, and daily specials! If you’re like me, you’ll eat anything sweet. Honey, I bought myself a whole mini pie-e- — banana cream-- — and I savored every second. My mom, my sister, and I took them to go got our pies to-go and had to restrain ourselves from eating them ASAP. But after dinner, all bets were off. We devoured our mini pies and while we had our preferences, each one was delicious. The bakery is totally local and even sells baby onesies!. It also had a bunch of seating and was ready for a college study group. So, head on down to the bakery and treat yourself during your studies! 






It’s always a delight to see more and more mom-and-pop places local restaurants popping up and succeeding. They have a certain appeal and charm that the restaurant chains tend to lack. Little While local spots can be a little bit pricey, but it’s a small price to pay for that homey feel, especially when your parents are states away. Enjoy the food because I know I will!.