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The Jonas Brothers Are Back…Again!!

In 2006, the Jonas Brothers were known for their catchy sound, exciting guitar solos, and gorgeous hair. Fast-forward to today in 2019, they’ve only gotten better.

From 2006-2013 the band produced five albums, starred in two DCOMS (Disney Channel Original Movie), and starred in their television show “Jonas.”

After announcing their split in 2013 to go separate ways, each brother went on their path. Kevin became a husband and a father, Joe created DNCE, and Nick went solo with his music and started acting again. Each had their aspirations and goals but knew something was missing; each other.

Finally realizing that they have a better time together, the brothers reunited and have made it known that the Jonas Brothers are back. Releasing their new album “Happiness Begins,” throws every thought about the cookie-cutter good boy next door idea out the window. In this album, it’s clear that the boys have now matured into men. They’ve learned how to love deeply, express their emotions, and have a good time. 

Along with the new album, the “JoBros,” also released a documentary entitled “Chasing Happiness,” and are planning to release a memoir. Each new medium that gets produced brings the world closer to the band and allows their truth to come out. Both the documentary and the memoir explain how the brothers became a band, their rise, their stardom, their breakup, and everything that came next for them. 

Lastly, their tour for the new album “Happiness Begins,” recently started last month. This past week the band made their way into Dallas, Tx, which coincidentally happens to be the birthplace of Nick Jonas. I was lucky enough to get tickets and cry at the fact that we were in the same building. 

During the tour, the brothers knew how to make the crowd go crazy. Not only playing songs from their new album they still brought back their classics and even OG hits. Not gonna lie I went to mostly hear “Lovebug: live. With fireworks, confetti, and literal fire, the Jonas Brothers are no longer their teen selves. 

Personally, even though I didn’t have the best seats in the house, it was a great show and I had a great time. Opening the performance with “Rollercoaster” on a moving platform with sparklers behind them definitely made a grand entrance. The brothers had the front stage, that I personally think resembles their old logo, and a smaller one more towards the back of the arena to entertain and interact with all the fans. Being on the smaller stage, is where the JoBros got personal by taking fan requests from random posters in the audience and thanking their fans for continuously supporting them. Going through an outfit change, or two, the brothers brought out the piano and acoustic guitars to be intimate with songs like “Comeback” “Gotta Find You” and “When You Look Me in the Eyes.” However, before the sappy came out, the Jonas Brothers had fun with the crowd by throwing beach balls around during throwback songs and some singles from both Nick’s solo career and Joe’s band, DNCE. Having a full arena scream and cry with the band, made for a remarkable and memorable moment as they ended the song with “Burnin Up” and “Sucker.”

Despite their hiatus, this tour has brought them back together and reminded them of how much each one is cared for, by the each other and their fans. 

No matter how “Cool” the Jonas Brothers are, they still got us “Burnin Up” because deep down we will always be a “Sucker” for them.
We were all excited to catch the “Lovebug,” talk with “Mandy,” and be reminded that we “Gotta find you.” Exclaiming that we’re not just a “video girl” but simply “strangers” wanting to know each other more.
We aren’t going to start “World War 3” or go on a crazy “rollercoaster” because we are “only human” and now know that the Jonas Brothers will always “comeback” to us. 

Stream “Happiness Begins” watch “Chasing Happiness” on Amazon Prime Video and stream the JoBros new song “Lonely.”

Mallory is a sophomore at Baylor and already loves the bears! She is studying journalism and trying to figure out a minor to achieve her dream job of being a lifestyle magazine editor. When she's not planning an event or writing a last-minute article, you can find her spending money on clothes, coffee, and food. She even enjoys watching any movie that doesn't include a clown. Mallory is proud to be a part of the Baylor Chapter.
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