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How to Make the Most out of a Baylor Weekend

     So by now I’m sure that we’ve all heard that we Baylor Bears won’t really be getting any time off the rest of this semester. That can leave all of us feeling super dejected and unmotivated since it doesn’t really feel like we have anything to look forward to besides the end of this school year, which is still so far away. Now all we have to hold on to are our weekends, which are usually just filled with us playing catchup over work we didn’t do over the week. However, there are some magical days when we have a whole weekend to do whatever the hell we want, whether that’s because of our own productivity or our professors’ kindness. So now you have two whole days off and nothing to do, so how do you keep yourself from dying of boredom while making the most out of this holy grail?


Go outside for cryin’ out loud

     The Baylor Campus and surrounding Waco area are gorgeous considering all its natural beauty and architecture. Go for a walk down to Fountain Mall or go explore the Waco area. There are so many things that I guarantee you haven’t seen yet. You can go down to Cameron Park and take a hike or have a picnic with friends. And if that’s not exactly your style there’s also a really adorable zoo down there where you can spend a whole day just exploring. If you want to experience the more cultural side of Waco, head down to Spice Village and roam around in there for hours upon hours. 


Go on a road trip

     Sticking with a get out there theme, road trips are so much fun. And, you have the opportunity to travel out of Waco, which those of us who have been here for years now, might really appreciate. Waco is kinda in a sweet spot where you can drive down to Austin and go experience the heart of Texas, or drive up to Dallas for a less mainstream visit. Whatever you choose can be a fun change of pace from the humdrum of college life in the small college town of Waco. 


Hang out with your roomies

     If you have the day off, guess who also has the day off? Your roomies! There is probably no one who will be able to empathize with your current feelings of restlessness better than your roommates. If you and your roomies get along, then great, have some fun playing games and bond with them, and if you and your roommates are still getting acquainted then even better, take this day off as an opportunity to get to know the people you live with! Situations that can seem desolate can definitely be made better by the presence of other people as they can help you feel motivated and not alone. 


Take some Me-Time

     Do you have any hobbies? Do you feel as though you need a spa-day? Well, a day off is the perfect time to just chill and unwind. Listen to your favorite music and dance around your room singing along. Throw on a face mask and give your neglected nails the love they deserve by painting them your favorite color. Try to reignite your passion for cooking by finally baking that chocolate souffle you’ve been seeing on your explore page. Watch a show on Netflix, read a book, or do just about anything that makes you feel content. 


Get Ahead on Homework

     This suggestion is what pains me the most to write because it’s not exactly a good time but it’s worth mentioning. Alright, so with a show of hands who all reading this is a major procrastinator like me? And I don’t take the word, procrastinator, lightly. When I say I procrastinate I mean that when my dynamic module for biology is due at 10:59 Saturday night then I will be logging onto canvas at 10:30 and turning it in at 10:55, with four whole minutes to spare. So obviously when we have a couple days of no school, those of us not wanting to go outside should try to be productive and get ahead on some schoolwork. Because as this past snow break has shown us, unplanned vacations end up being very stressful once you come back, I know I personally am just flooded with shit to do and really wish I was more efficient over break. 


     There are truly so many things to do when you’re not asked to go to class, and coming from someone who loves her weekends and really any time off that she can get, a break from school can be so beautiful, enjoyable and relaxing, especially when you’re doing things that make you feel like you’re making the most of your situation. So throw on your most favorite outfit and have a relaxing me-day or go explore what Waco has to offer!

Nishita Sarangdewat is a freshman neuroscience major on the pre-med track at Baylor University. She currently lives in Dallas, TX, but has moved around for most of her life and has lived in four other states as well as in another country. She loves all things travel-related like going to new places, trying different kinds of food, and meeting new people. Her favorite things to do include going on adventures with her friends and spending quality time with her family and her dog, Cocoa.
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