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Healing Crystals for Beginners

     Crystals and their healing benefits have been gaining popularity with the rise of their social media representation, especially Tik Tok. But what are these “crystals” and can they really help with anything? Although there is no data to backup physical health benefits, crystals have been used by consumers to aid in their overall mental health. Crystals are beautiful additions to jewelry pieces and collections, and many of you may already own crystals because of this. The mental health benefits reported with crystal healing include relief from: anxiety, depression, sleep irregularities, and low confidence. Each type of crystal represents a different quality and may require cleansing before proper use. Below is a list of my favorite five crystals for beginners, and their benefits!

Rose Quartz

     Rose Quartz is a beautiful pink crystal that can appear in many different shapes. They are very popular for jewelry, and many of you may already have a rose quartz necklace and not even know. It is commonly referred to as the love crystal, and accompanies your life with warm energy. It may also welcome new friendships and love interests in your life, as well as respark old ones. Rose Quartz should be cleansed frequently, and may work best when kept with you.



     Amethyst crystals are a deep purple color, and represents calmness. This is the crystal to place under your pillow if you have trouble sleeping, or to hold/wear while you meditate to relax. A real connection with your amethyst crystal could help resolve some anxiety, while protecting you from any negativity. Unlike some crystals, amethyst can be cleaned with soap and water. 



     With finals approaching, I thought it would be a good time to share the benefits of fluorite! It provides mental clarity, and aids concentration, which makes it a great crystal during the chaotic scramble to finish the semester. Many fluorite crystals appear in a marbled color of green and purple (some with more of one color over the other). 



     Green “Jade Rollers'' are becoming skincare sensations for their ability to remove puffiness under eyes/on the face. Besides being extremely aesthetically pleasing, this green crystal is great if you need to purify your body. It also promotes self-love and self-worth. Jade is a great addition to your life if you need a confidence boost or are struggling with your self image!



     A black stone formed from cooled lava, Obsidian has become increasingly popular in jewelry (especially Kendra Scott). It is a protective crystal, and will guard you both physically and emotionally. This protection is mainly from any negativity that may bring you down, allowing you to continue to grow. 


     Whenever you are going through a tough time, or just need some assistance getting through a task, crystals can provide a sense of clarity and aid through the process. Crystal collections serve as beautiful displays/decor. Each crystal requires its own activation as well as cleaning to keep from blocking its healing benefits. This article only scrapes the surface of the crystal world, and I hope it has inspired you to do some of your own research on the healing powers and benefits of crystals.

Hannah Cotton is a sophomore Neuroscience major on the Pre-Medical track at Baylor University. She is from Wentzville, Missouri which is just west of St. Louis. When she is not at the library she can most likely be found out with friends or getting coffee. In her down time she enjoys binging Criminal Minds and reading murder mysteries.
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