Cassandra Shin Baylor

Happy 175th Birthday Baylor! Here's What I'm Thankful For

Happy birthday Baylor University! In the past 175 years, Baylor has grown and adapted based on the circumstances of the time but through it all, tradition has stayed a vital part of the culture here. As a freshman at Baylor, I enjoyed knowing I was becoming a part of something bigger than myself on campus. Engaging in traditions like Homecoming and honoring the Immortal 10 is a rich tradition that brings students into community from the moment they step on campus. The foundational Christian values that we hold and the academic rigor, are all things that set Baylor apart from other universities. 

The memories I’ve made at Baylor gives me so much to be thankful for, here are a few of the big ones:

  1. All. The. Homecoming. Traditions.

  2. Dr. Pepper Hour

  3. Running the line at home football games

  4. Ms. Mae’s cookies at Memorial

  5. Getting a great education

  6. Being grounded in the knowledge of Baylor’s Christian roots

  7. Seeing our live mascots (Lady and Joy) in the bear habitat

  8. Beating TCU in football this year

  9. Going to my first Christmas on 5th street and seeing the tree lighting

  10. Seeing Pat Neff light up green after winning football games


These are obviously big things that every Baylor student is thankful for, but there are also things that I am personally thankful for:

  1. Always getting responses back from professors when I email them

  2. Meeting my best friend in September 

  3. Late nights that turn into early mornings with friends

  4. My dorm feeling like home since the moment I stepped foot in it

  5. Learning about different cultures

  6. Late-night Whataburger runs

  7. Baking in the South Russell kitchen

  8. Changing my major

  9. Learning more about who I want to be 

  10. Getting to be a part of organizations like Her Campus and Baylor Activities Council 

This list only touches the surface of everything that makes Baylor home for me. I wake up every day knowing that I will be challenged in my academics while simultaneously growing as a leader within the organizations I’m a part of. I’ve been introduced to people I never thought would become my closest friends and I’ve been challenged to step out of my comfort zone socially and emotionally. I couldn’t be more grateful for the opportunities Baylor has provided for me to grow as a person and I can’t wait to see how I’ll grow in the next 3.5 years.