The Guide to Fall 2019 Fashion

Sweater weather has officially arrived in Central Texas and our days of sufferable heatstroke are beginning to end. With that exciting news, it’s time to pull out the scarves and fluffy sweaters we have cooped up in the back of our closets and say goodbye to shorts, crop tops and sundresses. Fall fashion is, arguably, one of the best seasons of fashion due to layering and warm colors. Best of all, you’re all warm and fuzzy. What’s not a better time to look and feel your best? I’m going to show you some must-haves for your fall wardrobe and some style picks that are comfy but chic!


1. Classic Flannel

Urban Outfitters, Urban Renewal Recycled Oversized Flannel Button Down Shirt $39.00 shop now

Oversized flannels are always the move. There are multiple ways to wear it with so many different colors. You can wear it with a nice top or a button down over some black or denim high-waisted jeans.


2. Fierce Leopard

J. Crew, Sophia Open-front Leopard Sweater Blazer, $138.00 shop now

Animal print has become the new trend on fashion runways and one way to update your wardrobe is by incorporating them into everyday use, whether it’s purses, shoes, sweaters, blazers etc. 

3. Furry beast!

Nasty Gal, Shaggy Cardigan $76 shop now

Chilly... but make it fashion! As if we couldn’t get enough of fur. Keep this style in your closet for the overall cozy-girl look. Cardigans are a great way to add texture to bright colors and you can also wear it over a casual top while still having room to maneuver.


4. Satin Me Up!

Nasty Gal, On Side Satin Puff Sleeve Blouse $60 shop now

Satin isn’t just for your pajamas. This thin, smooth fabric is a great to wear as a nice blouse. You can use it by adding multiple layers to your everyday outfit. You can easily wear this with a black leather skirt or pants. Don’t forget the accessories as well! 


5. Denim Diva

Old Navy, Sherpa-Lined Jean Jacket for Women $49 shop now

Always a necessity! This nice jean jacket is ideal as we transition from summer to fall weather.


6. Wild, Wild, West


Steve Madden, Zora White Leather $151.95 shop now

Western-inspired booties are a fall staple and while they have been around for a few seasons, it never hurts to put on some western booties and get your cowgirl on!




Fall is officially here in Texas folks, so make a statement and dress to the season!