Fear is a Four Letter Nothing

Tw: vomit

     Fear, an unpleasant often strong emotion caused by anticipation or awareness of danger, a definition by Merriam Webster.  Fear, something I’ve seen rule the everyday human, including myself at some points. The shadowy monster ready to strike at whatever moment. What I’ve come to learn in my 20 years is a lesson I think many need to know, that Fear is a four letter nothing. 

     As we start this new year of unknowns, I put the disclaimer there is a difference between being safe and fearless. Please, BE SAFE when it comes to others lives and your own in this pandemic. What I’m talking about are the smaller “four letter nothings”. The everyday life fears a college student may have.

     I’m speaking as someone who has never been without fear. I may have been oblivious, but not fearless up until recently. But how do we as modern young adults take fear, this monstrous emotion, and shrink it back into its rightful place?

     In my experience, we face them. In 2021 one of my worst fears came true. I was shamed online. A silly fear in the grand scheme of things, but one I was terrified of, especially since I was innocent and had no power in the situation, according to multiple professionals. But, I soon realized that “fear”, the one I was terrified of ever happening, wasn’t as bad as I thought.

     My worst fear came true, and it wasn’t easy. Like, picture a girl throwing up on the toilet all night hoping no one hears her so she doesn’t have to tell what happened, that’s how bad it was.

     But the worst part of it was the day after. Fear can feel like lead, holding you powerless underneath the nightmare situation you are in. But in the days following through this experience I’ve been able to learn

     Fear is what you make it. Fear really is a four letter nothing. Fear is an active reminder to make a choice- be brave or stay safe. Which one will you make?