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Cute trip Ideas: Hello Kitty Cafe Truck

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Baylor chapter.

     Need some extra cuteness in your life? Some fun travel ideas? A sweetly made snack? The answer to all your needs is the Hello Kitty Cafe Truck. This sweet truck is “pop up version” of the multiple  Hello Kitty Cafes located across America. Their purpose is to travel across the country and serve multiple Hello Kitty themed goodies to excited fans. You can find their travel schedule linked here or on their Instagram at @hellokittycafetruck. 

     But why is a review about the Hello Kitty Cafe Truck being posted to a college blog site? Well, for two reasons. Number one, Hello Kitty and the Sanrio brand is truly for all ages, but secondly, I think it makes the perfect girls or friends trip even for the casual Hello Kitty fan! This weekend, I tried out the Hello Kitty Cafe Truck with friends, and here are my recommendations and opinions overall.

     My personal tips are these, be prepared for a line. Luckily, we were blessed with a pretty short line, but on multiple online videos of other truck goers, I’ve seen some impossibly long lines. What can i say, people love their Hello Kitty! Also, this is an “on the go” cafe, not a restaurant. The Hello Kitty Cafe serves cookies, cupcakes, merchandise and other goodies. So come specifically prepared for treats and sweets. The menu can be found here. My friends and I purchased the 3 piece cookie set and the 8 piece madeleine set. I also ended up purchasing the Macaron Canvas Tote. 

     My own personal review? I loved it. If you are a Hello Kitty Fan, I would definitely recommend going to this! If you aren’t, this truck will influence you to become one with its wonderful aesthetic and experience it cultivates. I mostly enjoyed it for the experience rather than the taste of the treats. This experience included seeing other adult fans and taking pictures in front of the pretty pink truck with my friends! My favorite treat taste-wise was the madeleine set. I had never tried madeleines before this, but these sweets were very soft and scrumptious. Design wise, I really enjoyed the cookies I purchased that were adorably painted as the Sanrio characters Keroppi, Hello Kitty, and My Melody! For non fans, a friendly frog, a friendly cat, and a cute rabbit. The base of the cookies tasted like sugar cookies, which was basic, but yummy. In contrast, the cookie designs were extremely intricate, with black frosting used to outline all the character’s features and multiple colors used to decorate their clothing and yellow dot noses. Hard work was put into these cookies and it showed. I took plenty of pictures of the cute cookies, and I’ve already enjoyed the tote I purchased since then. It’s extremely well made with canvas material and colorful fuzzy cloth used for the macron design. 

     As a branded Hello Kitty “stan”, despite my own love for this brand, I do think anyone of any age or any fan level can enjoy the truck because of the experience it brings. I got to talk with my loved ones in line, pose for pictures outside of the truck, and enjoy the adorable treat with my friends. Hello Kitty Cafe Truck’s products are cute, affordable and made to be on the go with pretty, pink sturdy packaging. Some of which features Hello KItty herself! If you aren’t a huge fan of hello kitty already, this truck will definitely persuade you to become one. For the general population, It’s a food truck with a cuteness level turned to a 10. For Hello Kitty fans, it’s another way to appreciate the brand. Try to visit whenever there is one in your city!

Mariah Bennett is Social Media Director and on the editorial team for HerCampus Baylor. She is currently a sophomore at Baylor University. In her free time, she loves reading about the current beauty world, watching Netflix, and hanging out with friends and family. She loves dogs, lip gloss, and the color pink.