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COVID-19 is Kind Of Killing the College Dating Game

     The experience of dating as a college student is one of many campus-life experiences that many students anticipate the most. When I think of the word “dating,” I can only imagine a blossoming journey filled with love and lots of other things that make my stomach flutter with warmth. I had always been a little doubtful about the prospect of dating but I knew some girls who tried to convince me that dating is a part of the college package deal. Honestly, they might have been completely right by making such claims because it was starting to rub onto me that I should experience it at least once. 

     In terms of dating, some people look forward to getting a fresh new start to their dating life, and others are simply rookies and newcomers within the field wishing to experience the fun and joy of dating. In fact, I recall a couple of friends of mine who jumped straight into dating as early as freshman year (and shockingly enough, one pair got together with one another in their first month of fall semester!). Without a doubt, dating is something that must be checked off the bucket list in your four (or more or less) years in university.

     Unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic struck the world and intercepted everyone’s life in more than one way. Face-to-face interactions have been strictly limited to at least a 6-feet distance between each person, and everyone must wear a mask to help halt the spread of the virus. For couples, it is difficult to indulge in physical, intimate moments and activities with each other because it is a major component of being in a relationship. No hand-holding, tight hugs, shared kisses—or even sweet whispers of love and affection! 

     Deprived of all the aspects of dating, I—who has never been in a relationship before—feel like I am suffering the consequences of the COVID-19 dating crisis the most (who’s with me?). I come from a strict Asian household; as a result, campus-life and dating (or at the very least the idea of being with someone else in a romantic setting) is something that I have been waiting on for years. Although I am sure that everyone else—single or not—feels the same way, the feeling of dejection and bitterness is prevalent. I wonder if I will experience going on a date at least once before the “real and actual” chapter of my life takes place. Once I graduate from Baylor University and hit the road, how will I tackle the challenges of being a lifelong single individual who has never been in a relationship before? How can I approach others when I know nothing about dating? What if I get placed into the friendzone for eternity?

     In this sense, I feel like the worries of finding a date or being in a relationship is something that I ponder about as I am reaching the end of my sophomore year. Although there are lots of activities to celebrate in life, I just wish to experience something that I have never had the liberty of experiencing due to the strict control that my family had over me. With that being said, I wish the pandemic would end soon so everything can go back to normal and maybe I will get to experience a first and last date before my life as a college student ends.

Indira Callista is a sophomore currently majoring in Biochemistry on the Pre-Med track at Baylor University. Prior to her move to Texas, Indira had initially lived in Jakarta (Indonesia), her hometown, and Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia). Possessing both the qualities of an introvert and extrovert, Indira's interests can vary from constantly wanting to go shopping and travelling with her beloved ones to constantly taking 3-4 hour nap minimum while listening to music from various genre. Following the start of her sophomore year, Indira wanted to be more involved in other things outside of her major's field/concentration, which led her to join Her Campus. With Her Campus, Indira intends to continue her pursuit and advocacy of female empowerment through her writing. Outside of Her Campus, Indira is currently involved in clubs/organizations such as BMSA and FSA.
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