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     We can all remember those high school daydreams where we would imagine finding love on a college campus. For others, dating was never a priority, and we need to learn to normalize that being in a relationship in college is not essential. However, there are circumstances that we as students find ourselves in. That is what I call the unexpected love. This is the love that can come out of nowhere. A love that we may not have been looking for. It just shows up in our lives, and we adapt because adapting is something we do as humans. This love can be scary because it can be the first, the last, or really, the first of many. As college students, we learn to have time management. This allows us to go out with our friends, roommates and eventually, make time for a relationship. Dating in college does not have to be stressful and I am here to help.


1. Never Put Your Schoolwork Second

     Let's be honest. We tried extremely hard to get to where we are. The countless hours of studying, the parties we had to give up, the school socials we had to miss, it all led us to the place we are today. Never let someone distract you from your goals. Simple. 


2. Make a Schedule

     Making a schedule and actually sticking to it is a marvelous thing. It helps create ample time for homework and some needed quality time with your significant other. Additionally, it may make you seem busier, which could possibly make you look more attractive because it makes a person look ambitious. Planners are a great tool for this step.


3. Find a Hobby

     We're in college. I get that sometimes, you may want to spend all of your free   time with your partner. I also know that hiccups happen in relationships. Speaking from experience, it is terrible to find yourself overthinking (for nothing) in your bedroom. A hobby will let you get your mind off things all while doing something that you love. For example, if you are a dance enthusiast, join a dance team. Or you could always join a sport or art club!


4. Know Your Partners Intentions

     Hookup culture is popular in college. Like me, there are many people that  would prefer to be in a serious relationship, while others don’t. Whatever your preference is, there is nothing wrong with that. Everyone is different. Finding out your partners intentions, however, can spare a heartbreak. 


     Every college relationship is different. Some people hit the jackpot right away, while many more learn along the way. This is a time for us to find out what we want and what we are comfortable with. The tips above are a starting point, and after that it could be the relationship that lasts forever.

I am a Political Science Pre-Law student at Baylor University with minors in Spanish and Russian Language and Literature! I grew up speaking English, Spanish and French and I am fascinated with other cultures! I love trying different types of food especially sushi and traveling to exotic places with my family. I am a huge sports fan (especially soccer) and am a ballet dancer, a swimmer and figure skater!
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