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A picture of the fountain on my campus
A picture of the fountain on my campus
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Baylor Resources That Can Benefit You

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Baylor chapter.

For many of us, it’s been nearly four months since we opened a textbook or completed an assignment, and it can be hard to figure out a new school year routine. Whether you’re a freshman trying to navigate college or an upperclassman who could just use a reminder, this list compiles some of the most useful resources that Baylor has to offer and hopefully they’ll make your life a little easier. 

Study Strategies

Learning to study for a specific class that is really difficult, or learning to study in general, can be challenging. Creating a homework/study schedule can be a whole task in itself, but Baylor has provided several resources to keep you organized and ease the hassle of planning ahead. Here, you can find pre-made study plans that you can tailor to your courses and a couple other materials that can help you succeed. I recommend filling out the weekly study calendar and semester on a page so you can always be prepared for the days and weeks ahead. 

Getting Involved

Clubs and organizations are one of the best ways to spend your free time in college. There are so many opportunities to find a space where you fit in and can connect with others that have the same interests as you. Whether you’re a freshman looking to get involved or an upperclassman that feels like you can add a new club onto your plate, Student Involvement Specialists can help you find the perfect organization. 

Foreign Language Resources

The dreaded foreign language class…these can be tough classes at Baylor, but there are a lot of great resources available to help you learn whatever language you’re taking. Here, you can find dictionaries, literature, history of the language, podcasts and several other helpful resources to look back on when you might be struggling. 

Waco Discounts

Waco offers tons of great discounts for students at Baylor. For a fun weekend, you could visit Waco Axe Co. or Waco Escape Rooms, throw your friend’s birthday party using Waco Luxury Picnic Company, or grab a bite to eat at Milo All Day and get a discount on all of these activities. 

Counseling Center

I know all of your professors probably mentioned the counseling center in their syllabi, but it really is a great resource to take advantage of. If you’re struggling with something and feel like talking to someone about it, the counseling center is a great place to turn to. You will find so many great individuals who are trained and want to help you however they can.

Tutoring & Supplemental Instruction (SI)

Sometimes we tend to focus solely on the fun parts of college and forget why we’re here. If you’ve slacked off in one of your classes or you have a tough course in general, you can utilize free tutoring to get your grade back on track. You could also attend an SI session, which is a scheduled study group for certain classes that are known to be difficult and prepare students for things they’ll encounter in their course. 

Career Center/Graduate School Planning

Four years will unfortunately go by in the blink of an eye, and it’s so important to stay ahead and be prepared for your next step. The career center helps students with resumes, networking, finding jobs or internships, preparing for interviews and more. They can even help you find a career you may be interested in. Everyone should utilize the career center at some point during their time here because it will undoubtedly make you feel more prepared and make your life easier. You may also be thinking about attending graduate school after graduation. Here, you can find what grad programs would work best with your career aspirations and receive help with applications.

Hopefully, some of these resources will be able to set you up for success – you can keep them in the back of your mind for when you need a little extra help. Remember that you’re paying to be here, so you might as well take advantage of what is being offered!

Kelsey Thomas is a junior Professional Writing and Rhetoric major at Baylor University. She was born and raised in the Rose Capital, Tyler, TX. Outside of school, she loves going to the movies, checking things off her bucket list, and organizing anything possible. She can always find comfort in rainy days spent snuggling with her pets and listening to her worship playlist.