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Baby Boom or Bust? – Rating Celebrity Baby Names

     The Covid baby boom is in full swing and it seems like celebrities are having babies left and right. Some celebrity couples have chosen names with significant meanings behind them, paying tribute to a lost loved one, and others have chosen the only name that both partners could agree on. I decided to look at some celebrity baby arrival announcements so far this year and rate these celebrities’ chosen baby names. 


Jupiter Iris French - 7/10

     Jupiter was born on March 23rd and is the daughter of Ashley Tisdale and Christoper French. While “Jupiter” is a cute and unique name, I have to say I was slightly disappointed that Ashley Tisdale didn’t name her daughter Sharpay. Tisdale has also said that she doesn’t plan on watching High School Musical with her daughter. As someone who grew up singing every. single. word. to “Bop To The Top” and “Bet on It,” I honestly believe she would be doing her daughter a disservice by not showing her this piece of pop culture. But, Jupiter Iris is a cute and different name. 


Dakota Song Culkin - 9/10

     Dakota was born on April 5th and is the son of Macaulay Culkin and Brenda Song. I was shocked, like many others, to find out that these two were together. And then finding out that London Tipton and Kevin McCallister had a baby together felt like a parallel universe. The name “Dakota” is in honor of Culkin’s sister Dakota who died after being struck by a car in 2008. This is such a sweet tribute and I love the gender-neutral name. 


Sterling Skye Mahomes - 7/10

     Sterling was born on February 20th and is the daughter of Patrick Mahomes and Brittany Matthews. As Mahomes is a Whitehouse, TX native and I’m from Tyler, TX which is only 10 miles away, Mahomes was the talk of our city after making it to the Super Bowl, then having a daughter and getting engaged. Mahomes might not have gotten the Super Bowl win the Kansas City Chiefs were looking for this year, but I think the birth of his daughter probably made up for that loss. Sterling is a sweet name and one I don’t hear often.


Grace Warrior Irwin Powell - 10/10

     Grace was born on March 25th and is the daughter of Bindi Irwin and Chandler Powell. This baby name announcement was one I had been looking forward to for a while because I think many people knew the soon-to-be parents would incorporate something to honor Bindi’s late father, Steve Irwin. The name did not disappoint with Bindi saying “Warrior Irwin is a tribute to [her] dad and his legacy as the most incredible Wildlife Warrior.” This definitely made my heart melt.


Riley Sabara - 6/10

     Riley was born on February 8th and is the daughter of Meghan Trainor and Daryl Sabara. I must be living under a rock because I had no idea these two were a couple. You may know Daryl Sabara as Juni Cortez in Spy Kids (2001). It’s hard to believe so many childhood icons are having children of their own. The couple said they chose the name Riley with no significance behind it, but they liked that it is “common enough that you know it well, but uncommon enough that it stands out a bit.” I would have to disagree and say Riley is an extremely common name. But it’s still cute, and similar to “Dakota” I like that it’s gender-neutral. 


Super Capron Funk - 4/10

     Super was born on April 11th and is the son of Rydel Lynch Funk and Capron Funk. I’ve never heard of anyone with this name so it’s definitely unique. “Super” gives me major California surf vibes. While this name isn’t my favorite, Rydel, who was a member of the pop rock band R5 with her brothers, and Capron, her husband, were gushing over Super Funk in their recent Youtube video and they seem to think it’s a perfect fit. 


Evie Elise Kress - 8/10

     Evie was born on March 20th and is the daughter of Nathan and London Kress. Kress looks like he is still trapped in Freddie Benson’s 13 year old body, so it’s hard to believe he is now a dad of 2. He is currently filming for the iCarly reboot (who else still can’t believe this is happening??), so he definitely has his hands full. Evie Elise is such a pretty name though and one of my favorite’s from this list. 


     Many childhood stars that I grew up watching are now having kids of their own, so making this list honestly made me feel old. While I wish I could relive the days of watching High School Musical and Spy Kids on a loop, it’s also exciting that we get to follow childhood stars starting their own families. For me, some of these names were a boom and some were a bust. But, this is completely my opinion and everyone has their own personal preference when it comes to names. It might not seem like picking a baby name should be such a daunting decision, but that name will likely be with a child for the rest of their lives so props to these celebrities for finding what they believe is the perfect name for the newest addition to their family.

Kelsey Thomas is a junior Professional Writing and Rhetoric major at Baylor University. She was born and raised in the Rose Capital, Tyler, TX. Outside of school, she loves going to the movies, checking things off her bucket list, and organizing anything possible. She can always find comfort in rainy days spent snuggling with her pets and listening to her worship playlist.
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