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Cassie Nataro

The 6 Best Places To Study On and Off-Campus

My Calculus 3 professor told us that to pass the class, we needed to study (duh). He said the worst place to study was at home because you would be distracted by food, your bed, or the television. My roommate loves to study at home and she is very productive. I, however, am like my Calculus professor and need to be out and about studying. Here are my favorite places to study on and off-campus.


This has become my favorite spot to study this past year. While it is most definitely not the quietest place during the day, it offers some great ‘white noise’. In the food court area, they have recently added some great long tables and cozy chairs. It is the perfect area to do some political science reading, Calculus homework, and study for biology exams. 

Pinewood Coffee Bar

I love to go here early on Sunday mornings and study with friends in a booth or by myself at the bar. Everyone around you is focused and being productive, which motivates you to be as well. They have really great drinks, with their iced coffee with oat milk is my favorite. 

Marrs McLean/Sid Rich

These buildings are almost identical and have similar study spots between the east and west wings. I always go here when I need a quiet place to study with no distractions. It is perfect when classes are over and you have four tests coming up because not many people study here. Give it a try and enjoy the quiet and calm environment!

Harvest on 25th

Some of the best local and fresh breakfast around, Harvest expanded their space to allow for more seating. They have large tables that are great when you need to spread out or want to study with friends, as well as small tables perfect for writing an essay. I go here on days when I don’t have class early and it is a great, quiet spot to get work done and grab a good meal.


Okay, hear me out on this one. Between the locker rooms, basketball courts, and pool, there are a bunch of tables and couches. There is always a free table and the area is generally quiet, with the exception of people coming and going. It’s a perfect place to study before/after a workout when you are feeling awake and energized. 

Common Grounds Woodway

While the Common Grounds right next to campus is nice, I find it to be a little too crowded with people and noise, so I can’t ever get my work done. While the one in Woodway is a little bit of a drive(only like 15-20 minutes), it has a lot of space. You can enjoy the same great drinks AND get your work done! 

Finding your perfect study spot can be hard. When I was a freshman, I thought the only place to study was Moody, but once I pushed myself to find new places both on and off-campus, I found the places that work best for me. Some of them are better for math and some are better for reading, but overall it’s where I am able to focus and do my best work. Don’t be afraid to go somewhere new in order to find that spot that works for you!

Cassie Nataro is a junior statistics major at Baylor University. She is from Easton, Pennsylvania, just a little north of Philadelphia. When she is not listening to a podcast, she can be found working at a local restaurant, studying around Waco, closing her watch rings or hanging out with her friends. Some of her favorite things include breakfast foods, swimming, cult documentaries, witty banter, cross stitching and vegan baked goods.
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