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            Well, my friends, finals are unfortunately upon us. This means two things — we all have an ungodly amount of studying to do between now and 6 p.m. on Dec. 16, and Moody is going to be absolutely packed from now until then. It can be tricky to find a good study spot during this time in the semester, so you may have to venture outside of your typical places. Here is a list of lesser known places on campus for you to hunker down and cry over calculus!

  1. Armstrong Browning Library and Museum

If you like a quiet, open study space, this is the place for you. The beautiful architecture makes you feel like you’re in a fancy New York library. If you like to chitchat while you study, you may want to find somewhere else, because this library is extremely quiet. I’m talking, “Don’t even think about touching your Hydro Flask and risk banging it on the table” quiet. This may be great for you if you are easily distracted and need a silent habitat to study!

2. The Garden of Contentment

It sounds like an expensive spa, right? Located just outside of Armstrong Browning, the Garden of Contentment is a courtyard with wooden tables and chairs under beautiful trees. The water fountain provides relaxing background noise, and it’s nice to be in the fresh air! This is one of my favorite spots on all of campus. Some things to consider — there are no outlets, so make sure your laptop is all charged up. It also may be a bit cold depending on when you go.

3. Tidwell Bible Building

The recent renovation to Tidwell is amazing, so if you haven’t seen it this semester, be sure to check it out! There are a few small study rooms that are perfect for long grind sessions, and a few couches and chairs conveniently located near outlets. There aren’t a ton of spaces here, but the ones that are there are great. It’s definitely worth a shot when you can’t find anywhere to study!

4. Sid Richardson Basement

My freshman year, I took a class in the basement of Sid Rich. I am so glad I did, because this is a fantastic study spot. To the right of the stairs, there is a room full of tables and whiteboards for you to use. There are study rooms that you can reserve for a more private study session, and there are couches and desks located along the hallway to the left of the stairs. In my experience, this place is never crowded, so definitely give it a shot.

5. Carroll Science Building

The name of this building is deceptive — it’s not a science building. It is actually the English building. As a professional writing and rhetoric major, this building is my home. There are not that many places to study, but the couches in the basement under the stairs are my favorite place to work on things in between classes. It also feels like you’re in Harry Potter, so that is a major plus!

If you haven’t checked out any of these places, you should give them a shot! In my experience, these places are never too crowded, so your chances of securing a spot are pretty good.

Hi! My name is Hannah Harvey, and I am a junior Professional Writing and Rhetoric major with a minor in Social Justice and Poverty Studies at Baylor University. I have a cat named Daisy, I love reading books (shoutout booktok), and I am a habitual drinker of iced mochas with oat milk!
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