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     There’s nothing worse than getting a beautiful new plant or vase of flowers and watching them die. I, and I’m sure other people too, am always left feeling like I wasted my money on a plant that didn’t even survive. It’s hard loving the look, smell, and general aesthetic of beautiful plants. . . and having trouble keeping up with their routine of care.This is why I’ve compiled a list of 5 indoor plants of steel that are stunning, and hard to kill (trust me, I have one of each). 


1. Aloe Vera 

     Despite being great for healing sunburns and cuts, this plant requires very little care. All you need to remember for your aloe vera plant is that it loves direct sunlight and thrives in a hot dry environment about 60-80 degrees F. Also, they only require water about once every 2-3 weeks. The only thing you should keep an eye out for is repotting your aloe vera plant. If it looks like the plant is too big for its pot, it’s probably time for a new one. This can be confirmed if when you take the plant out of its pot, the roots are pressed up against the sides of the pot. 


2. Snake Plant

     Snake plants are one of my favorites. These plants have beautiful leaves that can come in many different shapes and colors. Again, snake plants like a warmer environment, above 50 degrees. This plant also only needs watering when the soil has completely dried out depending on the plant this could be from every 2 weeks to every 8 weeks. Just check your plants soil about once every two weeks and it should be fine. 


3. Golden Pothos

     The beautiful hanging strands of leaves of the golden pothos are what make it such a desirable indoor plant. This plant only requires water every 1-2 weeks, enough for its soil to remain moist. As for sunlight, the pothos plants love direct sunlight but can also thrive in low-light environments, making it the perfect office plant. However, steer away from this plant if you have pets, as it is toxic to cats and dogs if ingested. 


4. Small Cactus

     Among the most resilient little plants to live are cacti. A small cactus, the cutest buddy for your desk that will live forever. Because the cactus is a desert plant, it loves a hot environment in direct sunlight and can live without water for a while. However, you should water your cactus about once every 1-2 weeks, or when the soil is dry to the touch. 


5. Jade Plant

     Jade plants are easy to grow, and are even a symbol of good luck! They like to be in a warmer temperature from 60-75 degrees F and only need water when the top of the soil is dry to the touch. Lastly, jade plants require full sun to grow, so they should be kept somewhere bright!


     These are just 5 of many house plants that are beautiful and extremely easy to care for. Whether you’re just getting into plants or have been growing them for years, these 5 plants are great additions to your collection.

Taylor Bauer

Baylor '22

Taylor Bauer, born and raised in Boston, Massachusetts. Taylor is a senior Biology/Pre-Pharmacy major, working towards her Spanish Medical Certificate. Along with being on Her Campus' event planning and editorial teams, she is a member of The American Medical Women's Association at Baylor and Alpha Lambda Delta Honors Society.
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