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25 Movies I Watched This Semester and My Ratings

1. Rocketman

     Need an emotional rollercoaster that's overflowing with bops? This is the movie for you. One of my absolute favorite movies and Taron Egerton does a fantastic job in the role of Elton John. This is actually the first movie I watched with my roommates!

5/5 Stars


2. Parasite

     My expectations were already high for this one, but OMG. This movie absolutely blew my mind with twists coming around each corner. I was on the edge of my seat from start to finish. Don't even worry about the movie being in Korean, if anything it makes the movie even more enticing. 

4/5 Stars


3. Joker

     This one is not for the faint of heart, you'll leave the movie feeling intimidated and disturbed. However, that is a part of what made the movie as unique as it was. The Joker is one of the boldest attempts at reinventing the superhero genre since "The Dark Knight" and is the literal definition of chaos. 

4/5 Stars


4. The Devil All the Time

     Now I'm going to be honest one of the main reasons I was interested in seeing this movie was the fact that Tom Holland, Robert Pattinson, and Sebastian Stan starred in it. Tom Holland's accent made me laugh so much which was bad considering the darker tone of the film. The story revolves around a young man who is willing to do whatever it takes to protect his loved ones in a town full of corruption and sinister intentions. But let me tell you this movie was the opposite of what I expected. With excessive amounts of violence and religious trauma, this movie will leave you numb, not knowing what in the world you just saw. 

3/5 Stars


5. Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom

     Somehow, I hadn't seen this movie until recently which was truly a shame. Harrison Ford and an exciting adventure are always an amazing combo (exhibit A: Star Wars). If you want a wholesome comfort movie this is the one for you!

4/5 Stars


6. The Lorax

     Was I the only one who somehow forgot that Taylor Swift and Zac Efron played the main characters in the movie?? A real throwback that I always loved as a kid.


7. The Talented Mr. Ripley

     I came into this one completely in the dark and was on the edge of my seat the entire time. Tom Ripley takes extreme measures to bring home spoiled millionaire Dickie Greenleaf from Italy. A jaw-dropping psychological thriller that highlights the obsessive and manipulative tendencies of the characters. 

5/5 Stars


8. Sky High

     Want a wholesome Disney superhero movie that low key rivals the MCU? Then Sky High is for you. This was another movie that I had never seen before - but I really should have - and it was an amazing choice to finally see it. Shoutout to Katie Carlsen and Lizzie Lee for introducing me to this gem. 

5/5 Stars


9. La La Land

     I literally have not and will not ever see a movie better than this one, we do not deserve movies that are this good. This cured my depression and brought it back full force in the span of 2 hours. The music, the colors, the heartbreak, can not be replicated in another movie. 

5/5 Stars


10. The Great Gatsby

     The main character uncomfortably third-wheeling the entire movie is such a mood. The Great Gatsby was one of my favorite books I read in high school, so coming into this I was hoping it didn't disappoint. 

4/5 Stars


11. Harry Potter Movies 1-3

     No one can ever go wrong with the classic Harry Potter movies. The first three are full of nostalgia and wholesomeness, making them the perfect comfort movies. Just to put it out there, the Prisoner of Azkaban is the superior Harry Potter movie and I stand by that decision. 

5/5 Stars


12. About Time

     This movie is the equivalent of a warm hug. However, if you are a really emotional person be warned this one is a tear-jerker. Following the journey of Tim Lake who discovers that he can time travel, Tim focuses on trying to find love in his life. But he soon realizes that time travel can't solve everything. 

4/5 Stars


13. Inception

     Any movie with Leonardo Dicaprio is a movie that I have to see. From entering people's dreams of planting ideas into people's minds, this movie does an amazing job of building a world where impossible things are possible. Even though I was slightly confused at the beginning, I loved this movie for its dramatic and heart-wrenching story. 

4/5 Stars


14. Sharkboy and Lava Girl

     Watching this after not seeing it since my childhood was an interesting experience. I was slightly surprised at the sheer amount of weirdness and hilarity that this movie contained. But it's always funny to see young Taylor Lautner before Twilight.

3/5 Stars


15. Nightmare Before Christmas

     Another Halloween classic right here. It's a perfect transition from Halloween to Christmas, with a dash of Tim Burton flair. 

4/5 Stars


16. Lights Out

     As an avid fan of horror movies, this one was top tier in my opinion. I love a good jump scare and supernatural influence and this movie gave it to me. It was the first movie that I have seen in a movie theatre since quarantine started so that made me love it even more. 

4/5 Stars


17. Princess Bride

     An actual masterpiece, could not think of a better feel-good movie. Be prepared for one of the best experiences of your life. 

6/5 Stars


18. Holes

     This movie has Shia LaBeouf at his peak not going to lie. Absolutely hilarious movie and I realized that a meme I know comes from this movie which was news to me. 

4/5 Stars


19. The Greatest Showman

     Hugh Jackman, Zac Efron, AND Zendaya?? This movie's soundtrack and story are some of my true favorites. Being a musical theatre nerd this movie satisfied my nerdy broadway side, while also having a stupendous storyline. The music in this movie is absolutely incredible and I take no criticism. Go listen to the soundtrack right now and tell me that I'm wrong. 

5/5 Stars


20. Disney's Newsies the Broadway Musical

     I have an apparent soft spot for musicals and this one is one of my favorites. I'm still mad that it is not on Broadway anymore, but having this picture perfect recording of Newsies on Disney Plus is truly a blessing. Not to mention what an amazing job that Jeremey Jordan did as Jack Kelly, what an icon.

5/5 Stars


21. Despicable Me

     Now this one is a classic from everyone's childhood and will always be an easygoing and reliable movie to watch when in a rut. Not really sure why we watched it, but I'm not going to complain because it's such a cute movie. 

4/5 Stars


22. Coco

     Absolutely stunning movie both musically and visually. As Miguel struggles to find balance between his passion for music and his love for his family, he unlocks an extraordinary journey that reveals secrets about his family history. Loved this movie and would definitely watch it again! 

4/5 Stars


23. Hocus Pocus

     This is my favorite Halloween movie of all time!! I could watch this movie an absurd amount of times and never get tired of it. Evil witches and talking cat? Sign me up! 

5/5 Stars


24. Last Christmas

     I had no idea that Henry Ewan Golding and Emilia Clarke starred in this movie and it was a welcome surprise. It had the feeling of a hallmark movie, but with a surprising twist at the end. Definitely helped me into the Christmas spirit! (less than 29 days until Christmas).

4/5 Stars


25. Monsters University (in Spanish)

     Seeing this movie in Spanish was truly an experience. Mike Wasowski's voice in Spanish was absolutely hysterical. Very cute movie though, especially because it was set in college. 

4/5 Stars

Caroline Thiemann is a freshman Business major with minors in History and Creative Writing at Baylor University. She is from Plano, Texas and loves to play for the Waco Quidditch team or soccer with friends. When she is not reading a new book or trying new restaurants, she loves watching a fun movie with her roommates. Some of her favorite things include Marvel, traveling, and dim sum.
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