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2021 Style Forecast

     Considering the year we had in 2020, it’s not a surprise to see a shift in the media we consume, the art we create, and trends we dictate and follow in this next year, especially as we begin to picture the other side of COVID-19. Because last year was ruled by loungewear, baggy silhouettes, and warm earth tones like Kendall Jenner’s favorite, brown. We’re starting to see an emergence of a new kind of style in 2021. This year is about louder colors and prints, and showing more skin and personality with statement pieces, saying goodbye to lockdown days. To help prepare us for this year, I’ve scoured the internet to find some trends that are sure to pop up in fashion this year, or that have already.


Cutout Pieces.

     First brought to mainstream attention in June of 2019 with Alexa Demie’s character Maddy in Euphoria, the silhouette of a simple piece of clothing with cutouts emerged as a viable option for a night out. When quarantine hit, however, there weren’t really places to wear fits to, and comfort was placed above the value of a flashy new look. Starting in early 2021, we’ve seen a resurgence of this missing cloth and cut out style on many influencer’s Instagrams, like Emma Chamberlain and Sydney Lynn Carlson. With this trend, plan for a night out with a unique silhouette.


Black AFIA Top.

Halo Pant.


Mesh Tops.

     Inspired by Jean Paul Gaultier’s work, this trend has exploded in the past six months or so and can be found on nearly every fashion website out there. With many options for fun prints and necklines, this trend has been around for a while and doesn’t seem like it’s going anywhere soon. Pair this type of top with a black mini skirt and knee-high boots for a rebelliously feminine look.


Shona Cinched Mesh Top.



     Prints, prints, prints. It’s no surprise that this trend is up and coming. In 2020, we saw the rise of various prints on our loungewear, especially with matching sets. In 2021, our choice of print has become more avant-garde with the growing influence of brands like Paloma Wool. With our approach to fashion and style this year clearly being self-expression to the fullest extent, this trend is a great way to show off who you are, whatever that means to you, with tops, dresses, purses, or anything that makes you feel like you.


Seaglass Top.

Gianna Cami Dress.

UNIF Stitch Bag.



     With the growing popularity of every influencer’s favorite brand, House of Sunny marrying comfort with self-expression, this trend is a welcome sight for 2021. With a breathable fabric and a homey vibe, knitwear has gained relevance in our wardrobes with a surprising speed. That said, a comfortable, yet brightly patterned cardigan is perfect for days out at the farmer’s market and dinner nights with the girls.


Pacific Peggy Cardigan.

Day Dreamer Cardigan.



     Okay, mules have been around forever, but with our transition from comfort to going back out, these comfy heels provide support and style to our running errands looks, and I am here for it. The great thing about this trend is your ability to dress these shoes up or down. Try pairing them with jeans and an oversized white button-up with gold chunky hoops as a personal touch for daytime, and a LBD and fur coat for nighttime.


White Gucci Mules.


     Overall, it definitely seems like this 2021 forecast shows our 2020 days in quarantine are not over yet, but we still have hopes to show off the new post-COVID-19 us with bold prints and unique silhouettes, but with the thing or two we learned about comfort from our time inside last year. Here’s to 2021, and all the joy (and trends) it will bring.

Juliana is a first-year Journalism and Theatre Arts double major with a Creative Writing minor at Baylor University. A Houston native, her interests include the arts, culture, and activism. When she isn't writing or trying to make the world a better place, she can be found making music or shopping.
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