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     Legally Blonde is back on netflix, and everyone is watching it. In case you’ve forgotten, Elle Woods is THAT b*tch. She is fabulous, fun, feminine, and flourishing in her career. Here are ten major life lessons from the pink queen herself, all of which have shaped me into the woman I am today. 


1. Kindness is Key

     Throughout the entirety of the film, Elle never shares an unkind word. She doesn’t downplay other women’s looks, helps David (the super tall guy) get a date, and offers help and support to all of her friends. In life, being kind can make your journey to success so much sweeter. 


2. Femininity and Success CAN Coexist 

     Throughout the entire movie, Elle is treated as inferior amongst her peers because she chooses to fully live in her femininity and chase success. I think many of us can relate to this as we live in a society that discourages being womanly. We are expected to “think like a man” in order to be successful, but the truth is you can be girly and prosperous.


3. Pink is powerful

     Elle’s inclination to wearing pink is super iconic and cute, but it also allows her to carry every room she’s in. My mom always told me to be unique and do what I can to stand out- from extracurriculars to job interviews. Channel your inner Elle and rock those bright colors, even if everyone else is all about the neutrals.


4. Your significant other should be supportive and loving

     Emmett Richmond was my blueprint for the perfect man. He is so supportive and kind of Elle, and always defends her to others. When you compare that to Warner’s lack of compassion and major shallowness, it’s easy to understand Elle’s choice. Ultimately, your significant other should always have your best interest and growth in mind. They should never belittle or tear you down. 


5. Live Outside of Stereotypes

    Because Elle wore pink, had blonde hair, and was in a sorority, people were always judging her. Enid assumed Elle would say harmful, homophobic slurs. Warner negatively referred to her as “a Marilyn” and said she would “never be smart enough” for him. The sales assistant even thought she was some dumb blonde with daddy’s money. Elle ignored the constant stereotyping and still managed to kick butt on her LSAT, get into Harvard Law, and become the valedictorian of her graduating class. Live outside of your stereotype, dismantle those stereotypes. Eff a label, live your best life girl. 


6. Hard Work Pays Off

     Elle literally worked her a*s off to be successful, and it worked. If you want to be the best, work the hardest. 


7. A Change in Your Trajectory Can Be The Best Option for You

     College students are expected to know EXACTLY what they want to do with their life by the time they are 18 years old. Plans change, and they change all the time. Elle was a fashion merchandising major who went on to be a lawyer. I doubt she had that in her five year plan. Sometimes changing the trajectory of your career can be the best thing for you. 


8. Your Support System Is Best When It’s Diverse

     One of my favorite parts of Legally Blonde was the variety in her friendships, and the way every person loved her equally. Margot and Serena were all about wife life, shopping, and all things girly- yet they were supportive of Elle’s law school dreams. Paulette and Brooke are older than Elle, full-fledged working adults, and they still push Elle to be her best. Finally, Vivan is a bit uptight and focused on success, but she truly values her eventual friendship with Elle. Find your people and love them big. I am a biology major and some of my best friends are professional writing and rhetoric, nursing, and english majors. One of the best ways to grow as a person is to make friendships that will teach you things- find diversity, I promise you will become a better person. 


9. Be Confident and Unapologetically You

     Just be you! No matter what the people around you are doing or saying, stay true to who you are and what you believe in!


10. Love Yourself As You Are

     I think sometimes we deal with hardships that make us question what’s worth it, if we should change, and why we aren’t enough. Elle dealt with this throughout her whole journey. The biggest thing she taught me, though, was that if you are comfortable and confident in who you are, those little jabs and obstacles cannot hurt you. Love who you are. 


     If you haven’t seen Legally Blonde, watch it asap. If you haven’t seen it in a while, watch it asap. Elle Woods is everything we should aspire to be. She is hard working, determined, and remains steadfast in her values and personality. Take a note from Elle, and be the bad b*tch that you are!

Jacobi Reynolds is a photographer and senior Pre-medical Biology student at Baylor University. She is from Henrietta, Texas, just south of the Oklahoma and Texas border. When she is not studying or taking photos, she enjoys exploring new places, painting, and spending time with friends and family. Her favorite things are the color pink, dogs, pizza and going to the movies.
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