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VSCO, also known as Visual Supply Co, is, in my opinion, the best photo platform yet. When I first started using VSCO I thought it was only for editing photos with filters. Although it was primarily created as a photo editing app, after extensive exploring, I found that it offers so much more.

  1. Posting your own edited photos:

    After using the amazing filters and editing options the app offers (or using no edits at all) you can post your own photos to build a one of a kind profile! I love that you have 100% of your own artistic license when uploading the types of photos you want.


    On the app, you can see who follows you and who you follow. However, despite being able to see who follows you, there is no number count directly on your profile. This aspect is amazing because on Instagram there is constant pressure for most people to have thousands of followers where on VSCO it is more for you than anyone else.

  3. Journals

    In addition to your profile platform where one can upload their own photos, you can also add a creative writing aspect with the journals! This allows people to share the stories that go along with their photos, as well as creating mini collections and themes.

VSCO is unique because aside from 99% of other social media it does not hold the same type of pressure to gain a large following or conform to trends or images you do not want to. It is a fun and stress-free way to be creative whether you want to post photos or not. If you want to see what VSCO has to offer you can take a look at mine for reference (lbaad). I encourage anyone who loves taking pictures and playing around with them to get it, and you can do as much or as little as you like. Oh, and another amazing perk is IT’S FREE!

Leila Baadarani

Columbia Barnard '22

Currently a sophomore at Barnard College! Excited to share my newly found knowledge of college and all it entails. Disclaimer, I'm kind of making it up as I go.
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