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What Bobcats Look for in a Commons Crush

One of the most important aspects of life at Bates definitely has to be having a Commons Crush. That mysterious, beautiful stranger (that just so happens to eat meals on the same schedule as you do) has a unique way of brightening your day. We asked 15 Batesies what they look for when picking a Commons Crush. Here’s what they said:


“Generally tall guys with short hair, sometimes facial hair, but not an overwhelming amount of facial hair, though still a sufficient amount. But it’s is not a requirement.” –Lilly


“I always look at someone’s smile first. Then their eyebrows. Sometimes both at the same time, sometimes the eyebrows first.” – Jenna


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“I look for a man with the same hairstyle as me.  And by that, I mean a half bun.” – Daisy


“I typically notice teeth first. I like big teeth and a full smile. Also, the bigger the teeth the bigger the food that gets stuck in them.” – Olivia


“A pulse. “ – Johnny


“I always look for a girl with worse vision than me. Then I steal her glasses.” – Oliver  

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“Nothing like a girl with a nice tray.” –  Zach


“I don’t look for people that are my type; I just eliminate those who aren’t.” – Josh


“Some things you just can’t explain.” – Ian

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“She has blue eyes, but she also looks like a person that is genuinely nice.  She also smiled at me once so I am basically in.” – Jullian


“I look for someone with a good booty, nice eyes, long wild hair. Has to be wearing flip-flops.” – Shelby  

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“Long hair, tight pants. If his hands are covered in blood that’s always good.” – Sarah


“Not mean looking, I don’t want someone that walks around snarky all the time. I like someone who looks like she enjoys life.”- Andrew


“I look for someone with uneven facial hair, t-shirts with puns, open-toed shoes, and raw passion for learning.” – Sam

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“Someone who looks clean but like semi-outdoorsy. Like verging on hippie but very well-washed.” – Claudia


Olivia is freshman at Bates College, originally from Cleveland, Ohio. Her interests include: fantasizing about what it would be like to not be from Cleveland, Ohio.
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