Welcome the Winter Snow!

As the Bates campus lays under a fine bed of white, I can’t help but think back to my semester abroad in Sweden. Unlike English-speakers, the Swedes have over 20 different words to describe snow.

There is Blötsnö for wet and slushy snow, Hårdsnö for hard and compact snow, and Klabbsnö which is perfect for building snowmen!

Here’s the full list:

1) Blötsnö – wet, slushy snow

2) Drivsnö – snow that is blown into troublesome snow drifts

3) Aprilsnö – snow in April, according to suspicion signifies plenty of food for the coming season

4) Hårdsnö – compacted hard snow

5) Konstsnö – artificial snow

6) Kramsnö – squeezy snow, perfect for making snowballs

7) Julesnö – snow at Christmas

8) Klabbsnö – wet, warm snow for building snowmen

9) Kolsyresnö – frozen carbon dioxide

10) Kornsnö – small white snow breadcrumbs

11) Lappvante – thick, falling snow

12) Lössnö – snow that can loosen and be dangerous

13) Majsnö – surprising and unwelcome snow in May

14) Modd – snow that has partly melted due to salt

15) Natursnö – real snow (as opposed to artificial)

16) Nysnö – fresh snow, crisp and white

17) Pudersnö – powder snow

18) Rekordsnö – an unusual amount of snow, breaking previous snow records

19) Slask – slushy snow mixed with rain and dirt on the ground

20) Snö – snow

21) Snöblandat regn – snow mixed with rain

22) Snömos – sloppy snow that resembles a mashed potato

23) Snörök – faint particles of snow that look like smoke

24) Yrsnö – snow being whipped around by the wind in all directions

25) Åsksnö – snow that pours down during a thunder storm


So what’s your favorite kind of snow?


Main Photo by Les Anderson on Unsplash