Undisputable Opinions About Thanksgiving Foods

With Thanksgiving approaching, odds are you will be overwhelmed with the endless food options! Between appetizers, main dishes, sides, and desserts, the possibilities are endless. Here are my thoughts on some of the all-time classic Thanksgiving foods you may have on your plate this year.


  • Mashed potatoes

First off, everyone knows Thanksgiving is all about the carbs, and a huge contributor to that is our good friend: the potato. I prefer my mashed potatoes with the skins on, chunks galore, and plenty of butter and salt. Mashed potatoes are ideal for mixing with the vegetables you don’t really want to eat, but have to eat, making for a much more pleasurable vegetable experience.

  • Stuffing

Remember when I said that Thanksgiving is all about the carbs? Exactly. This is where stuffing comes into play. Stuffing is simply crusty, stale bread soaked in chicken stock and butter, but there’s something about it that is absolutely irresistible. Put it in the bird or maybe leave some on the side, but all of it is just as delicious to me. Considering I like my bread in all shapes and sizes, I ain’t got nothing wrong with some stuffin’.

  • Turkey

You could argue that the Turkey is the centerpiece of the meal and one of the most important dishes, and you would be right. Nothing is more delectable than a juicy slice of turkey breast or even a succulent turkey leg. Whether it’s white meat or dark meat, I don’t discriminate. Just give me my meat and I’ll be okay.

  • Roasted vegetables

Yes, I love meat and I love carbs. I hate to admit it, but I love vegetables just as much (remember, I don’t discriminate). Vegetables like Brussel sprouts, squash, or asparagus are seasonal favorites and are quite tasty after they’ve been tossed in olive oil and roasted to golden perfection. As I’ve mentioned before, you can mix them with mashed potatoes if you’re not a big fan.

  • Cranberry sauce

Unpopular opinion: I don’t like cranberry sauce. I understand how the tanginess of cranberries paired with the zing of orange zest can be refreshing in the middle of a heavy meal, but it just doesn’t do it for me. There’s just something about fruit with savory meals that I don’t understand. No cranberry sauce for me please!

  • Sweet potato casserole

This one is just plain absurd to me. You’re going to take a beautiful sweet potato, and instead of simply roasting it in the oven, you cover it in marshmallows? Who do such a thing? I love sweet potatoes, but this is an atrocity. If you’re into this, good for you, but you will never see this on my plate!


May you make well informed decisions this year when you’re deciding to fill your plate for the holidays and enjoy every bit. Happy Thanksgiving!