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Turn Up The Turnout with Bernie Sanders!

As college students, it can be difficult to keep track of politics on top of everything else we do: schoolwork, clubs and organizations, sports, jobs, not to mention trying to stay healthy, emotionally, mentally, and physically. Sometimes, it’s disheartening to hear politicians disparage young voters, and it’s easy to be swayed into thinking that our participation in politics doesn’t matter. For some of us, it’s simple to distance ourselves from politics; for others, it’s much more difficult. But either way, voting is essential to having a functioning government, and it’s important to remember that people’s votes do count, and they do matter. Some elections are won by incredibly small margins, and just a few votes one way or the other can have a huge impact.

Don’t believe me, or want to hear more about the importance of voting and what’s at stake for students in the midterm elections? Join Her Campus at Bates on Wednesday, October 3rd, at 8PM in the Filene Room (301 in Pettigrew Hall) for a live-stream party to watch the one and only (and longest-serving Independent in congressional history) Senator Bernie Sanders speak with Alex Burns, a New York Times National Political Correspondent! They’ll discuss why it’s so important for people to vote, regardless of the candidates they support, and what’s at stake for students in the upcoming midterm elections. There will be free food and swag, as well as a chance to win a raffle basket courtesy of The New York Times Get With The Times! Be sure to RSVP and find out more at this link by scrolling down to find a party and selecting Bates: https://www.getwiththetimes.com/. Just enter your email and you’re all set! 

Plus, the Bates chapter submitted a question that may get answered live at the event, so be sure to tune in with us to hear Senator Sanders’ response. For more information on the broadcast, make sure to follow @nytimes on all social platforms and the hashtag #NYTimes #GetWithTheTimes and check out our event on Facebook. Can’t wait to see you all there!

Rachel Minkovitz is a senior at Bates College double majoring in Psychology and French and Francophone Studies. She spends a lot of time listening to music, hanging out with friends, reading and writing, advocating for social justice, and looking for furry animals. 
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