Top 8 Ways to Create an Instagram Caption

I think we've all been here- you have a super cute photo you want to post on Instagram, you've got the filter chosen, and your picture looks amazing, but crap! You have no idea what to caption it. Well, here are some ideas for caption inspiration so your caption can be as awesome as your photo.

  1. Take a cue from song lyrics. This is a common one- choose a classic T Swift jam or your favorite Keri Hilson bop and pick a lyric. Does it have to match the photo completely? No, but having some theme that connects the photo and the caption can be nice.
  2. Use a popular phrase. Usually, this ends up coinciding with the first tip, since a lot of common catchphrases are taken from popular songs. See: YOLO; I'm a nightmare dressed like a daydream; If I was you, I'd wanna be me, too; and quite a few others. These can also be Vine references: fr e sh a voca do; Road work ahead? Uh yeah, I sure hope it does!; Girl, you're thicker than a bowl a oatmeal; I am confusion! America, explain!; Oh hi, thanks for checking in! I'm still a piece of garbage!
  3. If you're like me, when you hear something funny, you write it down. Try using a quote from a friend as your caption! 
  4. Making a pun or a play on words of the picture is a classic way to spice up your caption game, and bonus points if you make a pun out of a lyric or catchphrase.
  5. Just choose some emojis; whether they're related to the photo or not is totally up to you.
  6. Refer to your pyramid scheme side hustle. Tell people to buy some vitamins from you and then sell those vitamins for a profit. Rope them into a get-rich-quick scheme that will quickly devolve and ruin your life and theirs! Fun!
  7. Recycle an important historical document. Who doesn't want to open up Instagram and expand a caption only to find out it's the entire script of "The Bee Movie" or the whole "Communist Manifesto?"
  8. Copy and paste the Terms and Services agreement for your latest software update, because why not?