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Tips for the Lil Yachty Concert

The fall concert is happening at Bates tonight! While dancing, hanging with friends, and singing to some of Lil Yachty’s songs are all fun aspects of the night, there are a few tips that should probably be good to know. Instead of figuring out these tips for yourself, feel free to take some of this simple advice from below.


Find a Comfortable Spot in the Crowd

I would highly recommend staying towards the outskirts of the crowd, or at least not right in the front or middle. Coming from someone who loves to be up close and personal with the artist, spots near the stage are just not worth all of the pain that gets you there. First, you have to make sure your friends are following you through the crazy crowd. Then, once you’ve battled tipsy college students to the front, there is A LOT of pushing involved. However, if you really want that eye contact with Lil Yachty, go for it!

What the front of the crowd feels like:

Be Respectful

If you decide to make your way to the front, just remember to be courteous to the people around you. Throwing elbows, screaming at people, or even forgetting to say a simple “excuse me” won’t get you very far. I’ve found that if you use simple manners, you might just end up exactly where you want to be. And if people are rude to you, find another spot. You won’t want the people around you to ruin a good night!

Make Water Your BFF

With all of the dancing you’ll be doing, it will be easy to nick drinking water from your concert plans. However, just remember to drink a little water every now and then! If you’re too busy at the concert, try to remember to hydrate when you’re back in your room. Come morning, you’ll be happy you chugged an entire Nalgene before falling asleep.


Hopefully, these tips are useful! Happy fall concert! 

Catie Spaulding is a 2019 Bates College graduate. In her free time, she enjoys singing the wrong lyrics to almost every song imaginable, contemplating big and small life questions with anyone around her, and debating what flavor ice cream to pick up on the next grocery run.
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