Thanksgiving Excitement

Like many of my friends, I'm headed home for Thanksgiving, and while I'm not looking forward to the inevitable grilling I'll receive at the dinner table from my relatives, there are some things I'm looking forward to once I get back home.

My bed. I fully plan on spending a solid amount of time catching up on all of the sleep I haven't been getting lately.

My parents. It'll be good to see my parents since I haven't spent any time with them since I left for the fall semester.

Cooking and baking at home. My mom and I sometimes cook or bake together, and that's something I definitely miss when I'm away from home. 

My family. Thanksgiving is the one time of year when my entire extended family gets together, so I'm excited to see all 20+ members and catch up with them.

My dog. Honestly, maybe what I'm most looking forward to whenever I go back home is my dog. I'm ridiculously excited to see my pup. Who wouldn't want to see this face?

Really, who wouldn't be happy to see her?