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Six Sweet Ways to Transition Your Wardrobe from Winter to Spring

While the snow is barely melting here in Lewiston and temperatures slowly rise (although sometimes it still feels like negative two), spring has seemingly started to arrive. It is time to think about transitioning your wardrobe from comfy sweaters and heavy down jackets to dresses, skirts, shorts, and lighter tops.  While it may not get as warm as it does down south at other colleges or nearly as quickly, it’s good to start to move on ideas and ask your parents to send up some clothes in preparation.

1- Long sleeve button down:  A long sleeve button down is a great transition piece and general thing to have in your closet, as it works for any season.  When it’s colder in spring, pop on a scarf and jacket to layer up, but once it gets warmer, wear it with a skirt or shorts, and roll up the sleeves to have a lighter option.

2- Layers:  As mentioned before, light layers are key for when the weather is constantly changing throughout the day.  From what I have experienced at Bates so far this spring, the weather can go from scorching hot to freezing cold within hours, so having a scarf in your bag or a light jacket can be both a cute accessory and key in terms of navigating the shift in temperature.

3- Bean boots:  What could be called an iconic Batesie item of clothes, bean boots or lighter waterproof snow boots can easily be transitioned into rain boots.  There’s no reason to limit them to a singular season here on campus, especially as they were originally meant for all seasons.

4-Transitioning in tank tops and sweaters:  While it may be a little chilly to wear a tank top on its own, with a cardigan it can be an easy way to transition and use the tops that may not be broken out till later spring.  This is a good way to not waste any of your closet space, as you’ll be able to wear the clothes that you normally wouldn’t until the later spring.  On a similar note, you may be unable to ship warmer winter clothes such as sweaters back home, so they continue to take up space in your dorm room. A good way to offset this is by pairing warmer, “spring”ier clothes up

5- Keeping warm in skirts and dresses:  If you want to wear a cute dress or skirt as spring is here, you may be a little hesitant before heading out of your dorm as the wind chill and temperature changes make it a little more difficult.  However, an easy way to combat this is to wear a pair of tights or thigh-high socks underneath as it’ll cut the windchill but also keep you warm. This was a trick that I consistently used during my time at boarding school, as I had to wear a skirt or dress every day, even in the snow and chilly spring by the coast.

6- Incorporating a pop of color:  Sometimes making your wardrobe a bit more seasonal is as simple as incorporating brighter colors. Do this by wearing more whites and brighter colors, whether it’s in your clothes, accessories, or shoes- this will make your outfit overall seem more like a spring outfit, whether the outfit is meant for 50 degrees or 35 degrees.


Main image from Brunette from Wall Street.

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