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The Official Guide to Gala Outifts

Gala…a night to dress up to make your friends jealous, to impress your crush, and be the overall best version of yourself. Whether it’s your first or last Gala, or something in between, why not honor this special night with a kickass outfit?!

Now, when it comes to Gala, you will see a variety outfits, but let’s lay down some of the basics.

1. Not sure what to wear? You can never go wrong with a classy LBD.

Get it here.

2. Love being the center of attention? Want to stand out a bit more? This dress will have you covered.

All eyes will be on you this Gala in this dress!

3. Dresses not your thing? No problem!

Keep things classy with this suit.

4. Or maybe you’re looking for a little length?

Plus, this deep V-neck dress will look great in all those Gala pics!

5. How about a floral suit to create that perfect balance in masculine and feminine energies?

6. And what about a classic jumpsuit?

7. Now don’t forget to pair your outfit with some nice shoes!

You can go for the classic black strappy heel, or add some more color to your outfit with these heels.

Not about that life of waking up with sore feet the next morning? Try these flats!

Oxfords would pair perfectly with that new suit!

Whichever way you go, just remember to have an amazing time at Gala! And don’t be afraid to hit the dance floor in your new outfit!

Main Photo by Nathan Walker on Unsplash

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