October Break: Montreal

Bates Fall Break is admittedly a weird length. Starting Wednesday and ending Sunday, these five days are worthy of a fun trip to Montreal. The drive from Lewiston to Montreal is not too far, it’s about one hour shorter than going from Lewiston to New York City. Why go home when you can go to Canada!

Before heading on the road, make a playlist and be sure to have it downloaded offline. Most of that trek up to Canada doesn’t have much signal and it would be an interesting drive without music.

Hostels and hotels are very expensive and not worth it for a weekend or a quick trip, instead, opt for a nice Airbnb. You and several friends can rent out an entire apartment or house for an affordable price. Last year, a group of friends and I made the journey up to Montreal and our Airbnb was in a nice neighborhood with a great poutine shop around the corner. Everyone was so kind and friendly.

During the day, it is necessary that you explore Montreal. Hop on the metro and view Montreal like a local would, and it is way cheaper than an Uber. The best places to see are the Marché Jean-Talon Market, Notre-Dame Basilica, Old Montreal, and Old Port of Montreal. These are amazing places that are both rich in history and beautiful.

When in Montreal, eat poutine and then eat more poutine. Poutine is the perfect dish. It’s salty, savory, cheesy and full of French fries. The warm gravy poured over fries and cheese curds just screams gooey deliciousness. Also, if you are under 21 but over 18, Montreal is the place you have been dreaming of. Finally, you are above the drinking age and can order a pint a beer while enjoying your poutine.

Montreal nightlife is one like no other. There is a great atmosphere in bars and clubs. It is very important that before you head out you do your research. Look for the best bars for a college student. I definitely recommend Gerts (a McGill student bar) or McLean's Pub (a fun bar filled with college students and giant TVs with hockey or baseball on).

Most importantly, have fun with your friends! Those moments you spend together and laugh together are priceless. This will be a trip you will remember forever so make it last and have fun!