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Netflix Show to Watch: Dating Around

Netflix original shows always get me, they are fun and creative. "Dating Around" is just so funny and real. It gets to the nitty gritty awkwardness of first dates. And of course, it shows you what not to do.


Each episode is around 30 minutes long and follows one person as they journey through blind dates. The first episode centered around a successful man named Luke, he goes on 4 different dates and you see each date unfold. He was really great at keeping the conversations going and it made each woman feel comfortable. Bonus points for him! At the end of the date, he takes the women he feels a strong connection with to another bar to talk over more drinks. The next date he goes out with the woman he likes the best and the episode ends. It truly feels like you are a part of his date.


Truthfully I am only on the 4th episode but with each one, you truly feel like you are a part of the main person's story. In the second episode, you meet a woman named Gurki. She is very successful and in the fashion world, she is divorced and is very candid about it. It was interesting how each man responded to her story. One man pestered her with many questions and then even made attempts to question her ability to be a good wife to someone else. You could see her frustration and how messy things became after his true feelings were revealed.


Everyone should watch "Dating Around" it is both heartwarming and uncomfortable but gets to the real feels happening during a first date.

Elizah Laurenceau is a senior at Bates College. Her hobbies consist of rewatching Call Me By Your Name, using Huji to take pictures, and playing with her dog. She spends her days either glued on her computer or late nights finishing up work.
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